PetStay... the loving and caring alternative to kennels

About PetStay… The Dog Sitting Service

After never wanting to put Cassie and Lucy, our two dogs, into kennels and believing there must be a better way, PetStay was born and has now become well known as a “A Safe, Secure and Loving Alternative to Kennels”.

PetStay is based in Hull and was established in 2005 and is now rapidly expanding throughout the UK. 2012 saw the launch of “The PetStay Franchise Opportunity” and we are now looking for dedicated people to run their own local PetStay branch.

When PetStay first started there were no home boarding licences in the local area, so we set about working with our two local councils. Months later, after numerous council meetings we were allowed to start PetStay. We felt that if we were going to offer a real alternative to kennels, it had to be a professional service with loving, experienced dog carers who all followed the same safety guidelines. To date we have worked with many councils and have been the first pet sitters to be licensed in many areas.

PetStay Dog GiftsWe knew as dog owners how we hated leaving our pets, but if we had to do this, then we would want a service like PetStay. Our service provides the ideal solution to this problem as we offer a home environment, but with all the necessary safeguards in place. With this in mind we feel that one of the most important aspects of PetStay is recruiting the right carers who meet the high standards that we look for. Some of our carers have been with PetStay for 8 years and just love being able to offer a dog a home-from-home environment with lots of cuddles, long walks and a place where they can feel safe and loved.

All our carers have years of experience looking after dogs. Most of them are semi retired, retired or work from home so they are able to spend lots of time with a dog. Being a genuine dog lover, having a secure garden and being at home during the day are the three main criteria we look for in a carer. One thing all our carers have in common is a real love of dogs and animals. Over the years we have developed an extensive network of wonderful carers who provide the very best service for you and your dog.

We insist that you meet your carer (at the carer’s home) before you book, something not all other pet sitting services do. We don’t ask for a deposit until you and your dog have visited your carer and are 100% happy with everything. The remaining balance is payable when you drop off your dog (please see our prices and booking page).

PetStay’s main concern is for the well-being and happiness of your dog and everything will be done to achieve this. We believe that if dogs have to be separated from their owners, they are less stressed and much happier when they are in a safe, loving home environment. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who return to us every year and they are happy to recommend our service to other dog owners who are looking for a home-from-home environment for their pet.

You and your dog deserve a holiday. Leaving your dog with PetStay will give you peace of mind knowing they will have a great holiday as well.