Dog Sitting/Home Dog Boarding Franchise Opportunities

If you are a dog lover and would love to work from home with flexible hours then you are about to learn how to run your own PetStay business. Working from a home office running your own dog sitting service, providing an alternative to kennels and matching customers to one of your network of local dog carers.

Franchise Opportunities

Some of our franchisees with their own dogs

Latest PetStay News

NEW local branches opened in 2016: Peterborough & South West Lincs, Newcastle, North Tyneside & South Northumberland, Warwickshire, Dorset & Bournemouth, Nottingham, North Wales, Oxfordshire, Huddersfield Halifax & Barnsley
NEW local branches opened in 2015: Staffordshire, Derby, West Midlands South, Highland & Moray, Glasgow, Wakefield & Castleford, Bristol & Bath
NEW local branches opened in 2014: South Essex, NE Lincolnshire, Wiltshire, Norfolk, East Lancs & Bury, Peterborough, Stockport, West Midlands-North, Leicester, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Reading.

If you are looking for a dog sitting/home dog boarding franchise then look no further

PetStay has been established since 2005; we are market leaders in providing an alternative to kennels and are proud to be unique by leading the way in the home dog boarding market.

Ten new branches have opened in 2016, so if you have dreamed of being your own boss, working the hours that suit you and have a genuine love of dogs then make sure you don’t miss this fantastic opportunity in your area.

The PetStay Franchise is a life changing choice for you and your family giving you the dream of working from your own home office with very low overheads whilst matching customers’ dogs to one of your network of dog carers. Home dog boarding is a growing market as dog owners just don’t want to put their dog in a kennel and are therefore looking for an alternative, professional service that can provide a home-from-home environment for their beloved dog. PetStay provide this and more.

We have built up a successful business with very strong branding that people instantly recognise and are now looking to expand PetStay through further franchising.

We are Yorkshire based but now have branches throughout the UK and are looking for more new franchisees to join the PetStay team. The UK has been divided into large exclusive territories giving franchisees the potential to build a successful business.

  • No previous experience required – full training given in all aspects of the business
  • High income potential – £36,000+ per annum
  • Low overheads
  • Run the business from home
  • Flexible working hours
  • Fits around the children
  • Large exclusive territory in which only you can operate
  • Complete business start up package
  • 2/3 day comprehensive training at head office in East Yorkshire
  • PetStay Booking System
  • Ongoing training
  • Ongoing support
  • Marketing campaign
  • Use of all PetStay branding
  • Lead generation
  • Own page on website
  • Own email address
  • Expert industry advice
  • Central Website
  • Networking with other franchisees
  • Franchisees Forum
  • Annual PetStay Conference
Cocker Red Spaniel

Why choose a PetStay Franchise?

Here are just a small number of benefits to being a PetStay franchisee:

Proven Business Formula

As a PetStay franchisee you will have the opportunity to build a successful business with the training, support and experience of an established business behind you. We have a proven business formula which will form the basis on which your franchise operates.

The earning potential for a PetStay franchisee can be seen in the earning potential section of the prospectus.

There is an opportunity to own and grow your own franchise business with the potential to provide you with a valuable, saleable asset in the future.

Dog Sitting FranchiseLarge Exclusive Territory

Each franchisee is given an exclusive territory to work within. This means that only you can operate and market within your chosen area.

The size of your area means that you have the opportunity to build a sizeable business over the coming years.

Proven Lead Generation

PetStay has a proven business formula for generating leads and business.

Key areas we cover include target markets, sales activity, lead generation tools and techniques, lead conversion and how to maximise your turnover.

Credibility and Use of Company Brand

The franchise agreement enables you to use the PetStay systems, processes, name, logo, website and stationery. This gives you the credibility and confidence to enter the market place and get off to a good start. Furthermore, it enhances your position in the mind of potential clients that they are dealing with an established and reputable company.

Training and Ongoing Support

Ongoing comprehensive training and support will be given to franchisees which combine on the job and office based training. Franchisees have excellent support enabling them to achieve business growth.

You will have dedicated support directly from the people who have successfully built the business.

Working from Home

Work from your own home office, fitting it around your family working flexible hours. The core of the pet sitting franchise is placing customers’ dogs with one of your network of dog carers. Your customer service skills will come in to play by making sure your customers have all the information they need and you can reassure them that PetStay is right for them and their dog/s.

  • Taking details about the dog/s, matching your customer’s dog/s to the most suitable carer and organising meetings for them to visit the carer.
  • Sending out booking forms and invoices.
  • Sending out confirmations by email and by post.
  • Entering bookings onto the PetStay Booking System
  • Answering the phone and responding to emails.
  • Interviewing new carers, making sure you only take on the very best.
  • Local marketing, visiting vets, groomers and rescue shelters etc
  • Attend local dog shows and/or perhaps have a stand for the day
  • Keeping your accounts up to date.
  • Looking at new ways to reach more potential customers and carers in your area.
  • Sending head office pictures and reviews from your customers for the website or Facebook page.
  • If you decide to home board dogs yourself then you would be caring for the dog/s, going for walks, playing and generally making sure they also have a lovely holiday; the dogs fit perfectly into you working from home.

Every day is varied and can be very flexible, but essentially, you will be dealing with dog owners and helping them to find the perfect holiday home for their dog/s.

Sally and JarrodWe were the first PetStay franchisees and are now just starting our third year as PetStay (Harrogate & York). We needed a business we could fit around helping out with our grandchildren and we are so pleased we ‘took the plunge’ and purchased the franchise. Although, as with any business, there are ups and downs, we have always had wonderful support from Carole and we know she is always at the end of the phone if we need advice. We are delighted with the way our business has grown. We now have 30 carers and 400 customers have used our service. Our turnover for Year 2 met Carole’s forecast and Year 3 has got off to an excellent start. We are very optimistic about the future as we have such a wonderful ‘product’ to work with.

Sally & Garrod Cooper, Harrogate & York Branch

EllenFrom First contact I felt Petstay was going to be good. They were friendly, helpful and prompt with any requests for information. The Prospectus gave sufficient information along with several conversations with Carole Davy (The owner of Petstay,) and an open invitation to speak to any Franchisee that I wanted to, convince me I wanted to be a part of what was obviously a passionate, professional and dedicated company.

My three days training was thorough and comprehensive, leaving me with a complete knowledge, kit and the confidence to hit the ground running with my new business. There were no stones unturned in ensuring I understood what was needed to be a success, and no compromise in the company values, that the dogs safety and happiness is paramount.

I have run my own business for many years and can see that if you were a beginner at being self employed, the support you have on offer would enable you to not only be successful, but to do it with so much more confidence and speed, than it would do by starting up on your own.

Ellen Bothwick -Wiltshire Branch

Karen Wilkins“Wow! I can honestly say that after one month of being a PetStay franchisee, I completely love it! Carole has been so supportive, always at the end of the phone when I needed her, helping with questions or concerns I’ve had and ringing me to see how I’ve been getting on. PetStay has taken off far better than I could have anticipated too – yes, I had concerns at first about finding carers, but after placing an advert in local papers the response was so phenomenal that it gave me an excellent choice of carers. It also boosted PetStay advertising, as I’ve had enquiries off the back of the adverts. Client enquiries and bookings have quickly followed, the Google advertising by Carole has given me a good internet presence in my local area so many have come direct through the website. That said, many have also come from sheer hard work of visiting vets, pet shops, local shops, Post Offices and dog groomers and placing adverts in their windows. In short, after 6 weeks PetStay Suffolk is finding its feet very well, better than I expected, and with Carole’s support and the reputation of PetStay’s brand well behind the franchise, I can see it going from strength to strength.”

Karen Wilkins Suffolk Branch

TraceyMy journey to becoming a Petstay franchisee started when we finally got a family dog in 2012, this sort of sucked me into all things dog and I couldn’t believe how much one little dog could change your life ! I was working full time as a Manager for a Facilities Company (where I had been working for almost 14 years) but I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied in my job and longed for a complete change to the corporate grind. When I started looking at business opportunities I naturally looked at dog related businesses, where I could incorporate my love of dogs with my desire to be self -employed and work from home.

I joined PetStay as a franchisee in early 2014, I carried out extensive research on similar opportunities in the dog home boarding market but I kept coming back to Petstay because it ticked all my boxes, as well as being good value for money, it had an appealing website and I liked the look of the brand. I spoke to and subsequently visited Carole in Hessle with my husband and soon decided it was for me. I couldn’t wait to launch Petstay Stockport.

After “going live” in May 2014 I continued to work in my job, as I got things gradually got off the ground with Petstay. Recruiting carers was my first priority and I focussed on this in the first few weeks. After a reasonably busy summer and a handful of carers on board, I knew that if I wanted to take it to the next level I would have to look at giving up my job. This was a big decision for me but I finally hung up my suit in December, and so far have not looked back.

What I love about my Petstay Job is the freedom and flexibility to determine the structure of my own day. I still get up at very early and log on to work (I am sure I will never stop doing that) however, at least I don’t have a 1 hour drive in awful traffic every morning. My days may consist of looking at advertising/marketing avenues, leaflet drops, networking and of course answering my phone and emails to new or repeat enquiries. Of course there are always a few breaks in the day to take Alfie for a walk, which usually means more networking with the local dog walking community!

I have built relationships with local likeminded dog businesses, especially doggy day cares, and I am getting customers through these referrals. A lot of it is trial and error but I am gradually starting to understand what brings results, and how to advertise my services. I am obviously able to draw on some skills from my previous career but I am also learning new ones. So, what is the best part of the job? For me, it’s getting lovely feedback from customers following a successful carer meeting or happy dog holiday. Not everything is always plain sailing, and as in every job you will have issues to resolve, but with Carole and the “Petstay family of franchisees” there is always someone to ask for advice, share ideas and concerns.

But, I have big hopes for the coming months, and I am setting myself realistic targets and challenges. I am really optimistic about my Petstay future.

Tracey, Stockport Branch

Kath and Colin“When we heard about this opportunity we knew it was too good to miss. Being PetStay existing dog carers we knew what an excellent service they offered. The whole franchise experience was really straightforward. The training was very enjoyable and we left with the skills to start our new business knowing we had full support from head office. We would highly recommend this franchise if you love dogs, want to work from home and have flexibility in your working life”

Kath & Colin Younger Leeds Branch

EmmaI am now 8 months into running PetStay…


I was earning a very good salary as an HR Manager of a large local business and enjoyed having a regular income which allowed me and my partner to have the lovely things in life. However, I realised that this wasn’t everything when I became so unhappy in the corporate world.

It was going to be a gamble and some of my friends and family thought I was mad to go it alone! However, I’m delighted to say that Petstay Gloucestershire has been a roaring success from day one!
I worked really hard at spreading the word through attending summer shows, dropping leaflets door to door, badgering the local press, networking in the dog industry locally and so much more.

And what a fantastic 8 months PetStay Gloucestershire has had!

I have found holiday homes for over 150 dogs since June and have received nothing but positive feedback which is just so encouraging.

We have had a real variation of guests from a 13 year old German Pointer called Hector to a 6 month old Jack Russell, Gabby. My all-time favourites though were Trouble and Mischief the Beagles – and yes, they did live up to their names but were adorable.

I now have a team of nearly 30 amazing carers across the county. They all have something different to offer, ensuring that we can cater for the many varying needs of our doggie guests. Some of my carers have their own dog but many don’t, so owners can choose if they would like their dog to be on their own or with some company. Either way, we don’t mix guest dogs so the stays are exclusive.

Home Boarding for dogs is absolutely THE way forward for our beloved dogs to be cared for when their owners go away for a short break or a holiday. Kennels just aren’t the boarding option of choice now days with dogs very much being viewed as family members. I love comments from my customers when they ring me such as “Oh I am so pleased I found you, now I can go on holiday with peace of mind, knowing my dog is going to be impeccably looked after” etc. It really is such a great business to run.

The Petstay team are all from quite different backgrounds with different areas of expertise which we all share regularly. This means we have SO much to offer as one of the leading dog home boarding companies in the UK. HOWEVER, we all have one thing in common – we are mad about dogs and are passionate about putting dogs happiness and welfare first.

Without my teams commitment, dedication and support however, the success I have experienced so far would not have been possible and I am so proud of every one of them and ever grateful to them.

Bookings are now coming in fast and furious for 2015!


✓ I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my working life
✓ I expect to be regularly earning a similar salary to the one I left behind in the next 4 months (so within 1 year of being in business).
✓ I’m choosing the hours I work and am having more quality time with my boyfriend and family
✓ I’ve applied to volunteer with Riding for the Disabled


YES YES YES!!! If there is anyone out there who is looking for a new way of life, being self-employed, have the opportunity to grow a business then I would say GO FOR IT!!

Pick something that you are passionate about. Do your research in whatever it is you want to do. Plan, plan, plan – this is going to be your key to success. But most importantly BELIEVE in yourself.

Emma Levings, Gloucestershire Branch

The franchise package

Franchise Cost: £11,995+VAT


The franchise cost is low but our standards, criteria and expectations are high. We want to work with the very best and we keep our costs down to ensure we are making this fantastic opportunity available to everyone.

Pet sitting franchise opportunities
Our stand at Crufts

The PetStay franchise includes the following:

  • Trading under the PetStay brand name
  • Use of the PetStay brand name
  • An exclusive territory for you to trade in
  • 3 full days training at our offices to include our company, operations and all aspects of running your own PetStay franchise
  • Networking with other franchisees
  • Permanent ongoing head office support
  • Complete start-up package – including stationery and sales literature
  • Operations Manual
  • A dedicated & integrated web presence
  • Your own page on the main website
  • Your own email address
  • PetStay Booking System
  • Franchisee Facebook Forum
  • Social Media Training
  • PetStay Annual Conference
  • 10,000 A5 Leaflets
  • 5,000 A6 Leaflets
  • 5,000 A6 D/S Carers Cards
  • 250 small business cards leaflets
  • 500 Business Cards
  • 100 complimentary slips
  • 2 Banners
  • Google Campaign
  • Dog Tags and business cards for your dog carers
  • Corporate apparel (2x t shirts and 1 x sweat shirts)

Who are we looking for to join us at PetStay?

We are looking for hard working, self-motivated individuals with a passion for dogs and the drive and determination to succeed. If you enjoy giving excellent customer service and want to provide the very best home boarding service in your area, we want to talk to you. You’ll have a head start with PetStay.

We want to work with people who believe in our service and have a genuine love for dogs. The characteristics we are looking for are as follows:

  • Dog lover
  • Keen to run your own business
  • Want to work from home
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work hard with self-motivation skills
  • Honest and reliable
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Computer skills

Request for more information

Our standards are high, our Franchisee criteria strict, but if you think you meet our requirements, we would be delighted to speak with you. Please take a few moments to complete our form on the “Contact Page” and we will email a copy of the PetStay Prospectus over to you.

After reading through the Prospectus, the next steps are for us to answer any questions you have regarding the franchise and then arrange for you to visit us at the PetStay Head Office so you can see the operation at first hand.

Please ring 01482 307684, email us at or complete the enquiry form online and we will email our Prospectus over to you as soon as possible.

10 Waterside Business Park
Livingstone Road
East Yorkshire
HU13 0EG

Or you can call us on 01482 307684 for an informal chat

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