With dog theft on the rise, the number of dogs reported stolen in the UK has risen for the fourth year in a row – with an average of five dogs stolen every day.  it’s a low-risk, highly profitable crime, and one that devastates families, ripping them apart.

Here are some top tips to avoid becoming a victim.


  • Walk with care

Doing the same loop everyday? Make it trickier for thieves, and don’t always be in the same place at the same time. This makes it harder for a planned abduction.

  • Stay up-to-date

Microchip gives you the very best chance of being reunited with your pet. Wherever they may end up in the country, a chip will always carry your details over the many miles. Keep this information updated especially if you move or change your telephone number; not only is this a legal requirement, it’s common sense!

  • Get tagged

A dog must be wearing an ID tag in a public place, bearing the name and address of its family. A telephone number is optional.  However, refrain from putting your dog’s own name on the tag. A thief who knows your dog’s name has an advantage; it makes it easier to gain your dog’s trust.

  • Stay together in public

Never leave your dog tied up alone outside a shop, even if you are only going to be a few minutes. It doesn’t take long at all for an opportunist to strike, and you’d never forgive yourself for putting your dog in that vulnerable position.

  • Pictures

Make sure you have photographs of your dog from all angles – a clear close-up of the face, and a full shot of the body, as well as some of any distinguishing marks that set your dog apart, such as a smudge on the toe, or a patch on the side


Here’s what to do if your dog has been stolen:

  • Firstly, make sure to check the local area and your dog’s favourite spots in case they have wandered off
  • Make your dog ‘too hot to handle’ by sharing information on social media, putting up posters in the local area and informing local media – include pictures and any distinctive marks in any appeals, and ask others to spread the word
  • Specific sites like DogLost are set up to help find missing dogs as well as offering advice and support.
  • Report the dog theft to the police and provide them with as much detail as possible
  • Report your dog as stolen to local pet related services like vets, animal shelters, pet shops, dog wardens and the council. Provide photos, a physical description, and the dog’s microchip number
  • Report your dog to the microchip database




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