Loneliness is a growing problem in the UK despite things like social media.  In fact, charity The Campaign to End Loneliness believe that there are nine million lonely people in the UK, with four million being the elderly.  But could dogs hold the key to improved health and happiness?

Studies have shown that dogs have a positive correlation with decreased heart disease and improved mental health, but it’s not the dog itself that can improve your health. Rather, dogs allow us to get out of the house more, encourage us to exercise more and even help us to meet new people.

Saying dogs can be a benefit to your life isn’t just hyperbole. In fact, 82.5 percent of pet owners said that their pet has had a strong positive impact on their life!

Many of PetStay’s carers have signed up to our service because they love dogs and want to meet new people. Jane, one of PetStay Derby’s first carers said; “For me, the flexibility of being a carer fits my lifestyle perfectly. Having a dog come and stay gives me all the benefits that a dog can bring, and as any other dog lover will know, the company of a dog is second to none. There’s also the exercise of walking a dog, which ensures I stay active.”

Caring for dogs isn’t just something for people living on their own. Retired couples have also found being a PetStay carer to be a benefit to their lives. Don and Jenefer joined PetStay Norfolk to take care of dogs and meet their owners; “Since Jenefer’s retirement and me being semi-retired we have joined PetStay and have had the pleasure of looking after and making friends with, some lovely dogs who have been great characters with their own personalities.”

If you are interested in becoming a carer with PetStay, find your local branch here or visit our Become a Carer page.

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