A day in the life of a PetStay dog

Woke up this morning and demanded an ear rub from my PetStay carers – I have trained them to scratch me just the way I like it. Then off on our walk – the sun was shining and I had a spring in my step. My carers stopped to talk to another human about PetStay – their doggie wanted to come on holiday with PetStay too. I’m usually patient but I got bored and started to jump, so my carers said their goodbyes and continued on their way.  I am always kept on the lead when I stay with PetStay, so that I don’t get lost – I love going on my PetStay walks and always feel safe. Back home, I had my paws washed – it was a muddy walk today, so I also received a good rub down by my favourite fluffy towel.  My carers have a cup of coffee and I have my breakfast – pork today, my favourite. Then it’s time for some chores – I share my time between gardening and some jobs around the house and I help by following them around – my carers say I am the best company ever and I couldn’t agree more!  Another walk in the afternoon with a doggie friend is followed by an afternoon snooze on the sofa whilst my carer watches the Antique Roadshow.  It’s a dog’s life at PetStay…….

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