It’s almost Bonfire Night! While the celebration this year is likely going to be a bit different from usual, there is still going to be plenty of fireworks. The awe-inspiring sights may be exciting for us, but for a dog scared of fireworks, this can be a very stressful day.

However, there’s plenty we can do to help make fireworks season easier for our poor pups. Today, we’re going to take a look at how we can help keep our dogs calm throughout the festivities.

So, let’s get started!

Why Do Dogs Get Anxiety with Fireworks?

According to The Kennel Club, up to 40% of dogs fear fireworks. The amount of anxiety your dog may experience can vary, but in some pups, the fear can be so severe that they may even try to escape the home.

After all, from your dog’s perspective, an otherwise normal evening is suddenly filled with loud explosions from an unknown source. They don’t know where they are coming from or where the next one will be. This, with the accompanying bright lights and strange smells, can understandably cause our pups a lot of fear.

Remember, our dog’s senses are many times better than ours. While the boom of fireworks might not seem loud to our ears, for our dogs it can be uncomfortably loud.

Preparing a Dog Scared of Fireworks for Fireworks Season

For fireworks season to pass as smoothly as possible, you should begin preparing before the fireworks even start.

One of the first things you can do is take your dog on a long walk during the day. You can use this as an opportunity to let your dog use the bathroom now before any fireworks start. It also comes with the benefit of tiring your dog out, which will help make things easier later on.

You should also attempt to make a safe den for your dog within the house, filled with their favourite toys and blankets. Try to pick a room that is shielded from the lights and sounds of fireworks, keeping any windows closed and curtains drawn. It can also help to put some relaxing music on or use the sound of a TV to mask the noise of fireworks. A nice and cosy den like this can help significantly soothe your dog’s anxiety!

Keep in mind that fireworks will likely be going off throughout the week, not just on Bonfire Night. Therefore, it’s a good idea to follow the above tips for the entire week of Bonfire Night!

How Do I Calm My Dog Down During Fireworks?

If you notice that your dog is showing some signs of discomfort during the fireworks, there are some things you can to help lessen their fear.

First and foremost, try not to seem anxious in front of your dog. They may be looking to you and how you respond. If you seem worried too, this can cause their anxiety to get worse. Instead, do your best to give off calm energy around your dog.

You should also take a look at how your dog is reacting. If they’re pacing around and looking to you for comfort, give them some cuddles and attention to try and soothe their anxiety. However, if your dog is more prone to hiding away during fireworks, don’t try and take them out from their hiding space.

They’ve gone there because they feel safe; taking them out is just going to scare them!

Keeping Your Dog Safe this Fireworks Season

By following the tips above, your dogs should have a much easier time. Remember, to take care opening the front or back door to your house during fireworks, as dogs can commonly try to escape due to the fear that fireworks cause.

As the weather has started to get colder, feel free to check out our article covering some fast tips on keeping your dog comfortable and safe during their wintery walks!

We hope this article has helped you and your pups have a safe and calm Bonfire Night! Do fireworks cause your dog anxiety? What do you do to keep a dog scared of fireworks calm? Let us know in the comments below!