People say starting a new business is like falling in love: The romance of starting something new and the excitement of building something of your own! If that’s the case, finding the perfect franchise opportunity is a lot like online dating. There will be a few toads you have to kiss before you meet the perfect opportunity for you!

With dating and a new romance, there is always that little bit of fear of the unknown. This fear can stop you from pursuing your dreams. That’s why franchises are good at elevating some of the stress and fear that comes with starting a new business. Someone has already gone through this fear stage after all and will be able to guide you through the initial development of your new business. That’s just one advantage of joining a franchise. Your franchisor has the experience and knowledge and often has already built up an excellent brand reputation that is instantly recognisable.

This Valentine’s Day could be the year you fall back in love with your dream of being your own boss. Carole Davy, the founder of PetStay developed two franchises and two different business models to help people launch their own venture.

PetStay, the original franchise, began in 2005 as a single branch offering home boarding dog care. It now has over 40 branches across England, Wales, and Scotland, and continues to grow!

The second business is the new Walkies Down the Aisle, filling a niche Carole saw in the wedding market for doggy chaperones.

For more details on either the PetStay franchise opportunity or the Walkies Down the Aisle franchise opportunity, contact 01482 307684 for an informal chat with the Head Office team. Alternatively, email for our franchise prospectus.

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