Home Dog Boarding
Home Dog Boarding
in North Manchester
We are the alternative to kennels in
North Manchester and Salford.
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Home Dog Boarding in North Manchester
We are the alternative to kennels in North Manchester and Salford.

Tel: 0161 3270534
Mobile: 07519 094949

PetStay North Manchester Branch

Hello, we are Carol and Russ, and this is our best friend Alfie.

We are delighted to provide a personalised home dog boarding service for the North Manchester area.  We all love our holidays and so should our beloved dogs. Our standard for providing home dog boarding is that we would stay at the accommodation our team provides! This standard is validated by our positive feedback from happy customers.

What We Do

We believe that dogs would prefer to spend their holidays in a happy, loving and caring family environment in which their daily routines and needs are met as determined by the people who know them best – YOU.

Finding the right pet sitter or home boarder with experience can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. Our team of carers have been hand-selected by us! They provide a home-boarding experience which complies fully with The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) England Regulations 2018 and matches up to our own high standards.

We will work with you to deliver the personal service that your dog(s) deserves, leaving you to enjoy your well-earned break with the peace of mind that your dog or dogs are receiving the best care, attention, and love they deserve.

We believe that dog(s) are individuals like us all so we will get to know you and your dog(s) so we can find the member of our team who is best suited to provide the personalised care unique to your pet. You will meet the chosen team member and their family in the environment that your dog(s) will be staying before booking. This meeting, we believe, will provide you with the reassurance and transparency that leaving your dog(s) in our care is with the right person who understands the very personal requirements that you and your dog(s) want. After all we would not be leaving our children or an elderly relative in establishments we have not personally visited.

Our Carers

PetStay North Manchester meet all the rigorous PetStay national standards and as do our carers. We ensure all our fully compliant and insured Carer team look after your dog(s) like one of their own family to provide your dog(s) with the best possible holiday experience. We never mix dogs from different families and we allow you to choose whether you want your pet to stay in a home with pets or no pets.

It is important to us that we have a range of carers for our customers to choose from, and so keep in contact with each carer to ensure standards remain high at each home.

North Manchester

Waiting to hear from you

So when you want to book your holidays book one for your lovely dog at the same time! Please call or email us so start your journey with PetStay North Manchester, we will be delighted to help you and answer any questions you may have. In addition if you would like to join our team of dog carers and provide a loving holiday home to care for a family’s best friend please call or email too!

Carol and Russ – PetStay North Manchester

Contact Details

To find out more or to arrange a visit to one of our carers in the North Manchester area, please get in touch using the details below.
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Tel: 0161 3270534

Mobile: 07519 094949

Email: carol@petstay.net

Areas coveredWe cover North Manchester including Salford and the surrounding areas including postcodes:

M3 (Sectors 1,2,3,4,& 9), M3 (Sectors 5,6,& 7), M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M17, M24, M25, M26, M27, M28, M30, ,M32, M38, M41, M44, M45, M50

Are you worried about leaving your dog in kennels? Have you ever considered a dog sitting service in North Manchester?

If you are worried about leaving your dog in kennels and would prefer a more personal touch, then why not consider a dog sitting service in North Manchester and the surrounding areas.

At PetStay North Manchester we have many caring and affectionate dog sitters that are under are home dog boarding arranging licence, insured and have been carefully chosen to provide a better experience than dog kennels for dogs whilst their owners are away on holiday.

The carer will ensure that your dog is treated as part of the family and will be given the same routine that they would obtain at home, making our home dog boarding service in the Salford area a far less stressful experience for your dog than kennels.

PetStay have gained an outstanding reputation over many years for providing an excellent dog sitting service and now PetStay North Manchester are becoming well known as your local dog sitters in the North Manchester and Salford area.

Home Boarding for Dogs

Home Dog Boarding

  • Your dog/s stay in one of our loving carers’ homes
  • Meet your carer before you book
  • Kinder and less stressful for your dog
  • All routines kept
  • We don’t mix different dogs together
  • We don’t walk your dog/s off the lead
  • Carers are fully insured and vetted
  • We are recommended by vets and our many, many customers

Our Prices  *(Please see below)

1 Dog £22.00 a day
2 Dogs £30.00 a day
3 Dogs £40.00 a day

Prices above are per day, or part thereof, except Bank Holidays. For more information regarding those rates, please contact us.

Here are the few simple stages of booking with PetStay.

1st: Ring or email your local branch to discuss your dogs requirements and dates.
2nd: We will explain all about PetStay and what your next steps would be.
3rd: We then take all details about your dog and then match them to the most suitable carer.
4th: A meeting will be organised for you and your dog to meet the carer.
5th: If you are 100% happy with your carer you would then be ready to book with PetStay.
6th: No later than 5 days after your initial meeting, complete our on-line booking form and pay the arrangement fee.
7th: An email confirmation will be sent to you.
8th: You’re all booked in and don’t have to worry about anything.
9th: Drop your dog off at the carer’s house with food, a bed. toys and anything else you think they might need.
10th: Go away with complete peace of mind and have a wonderful holiday.


*PetStay Arrangement Fee

Our daily rate is made up of the Arrangement Fee and the Carer’s Allowance.  These are 2 separate payments.  The Arrangement Fee is a payment to arrange and confirm the booking of your dog’s stay, and is due for payment within 5 days of meeting your dog carer.  For a repeat booking the Arrangement Fee is payable within 5 days of your requested dates being confirmed by PetStay.

The Arrangement Fee is non-refundable or non- transferable

The Arrangement Fee is for the service provided by your local PetStay branch in selecting a suitably matched dog carer for you and your dog.  The Arrangement Fee also represents a proportion of all the administration and ongoing business costs, including but not limited to, Public Liability and Employer Liability insurance, licensing, recruitment of carers, advertising, 24/7 support to carers, and business documentation giving you peace of mind and your dog a quality home dog boarding experience with PetStay.

The Dog Carer’s Allowance

The Carer’s Allowance is paid direct to the dog carer when you drop your dog off

Love Walking? Become a PetStay Dog Carer

If you’re a dog lover and would like to start a new hobby caring for dogs in your own home, we could have the opportunity for you!

Our home boarding dog carers are dedicated dog lovers who have the time to spend with our fantastic guest dogs, but may not be able to take on the full-time responsibility of a dog. Whether you’re unable to take on the full-time commitment of a pet or you’d like to have a friend for your own dog, PetStay can match you with the perfect guest dog to suit your lifestyle!

We do all the hard work! Don’t worry about bookings as we will take care of them. We think it’s important for you to concentrate on all the fun of caring for a guest dog. You can enjoy your daily dose of dog walking! As a PetStay dog carer, you will be covered by our licence and insurance meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of dog sitting our wonderful guest dogs without the headache of running a business!

Please call Carol for more information and an informal chat

Carers Walking Dog

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a PetStay Carer

What are the requirements of becoming a carer?

You must be a genuine dog lover, have experience of looking after dogs and you need to be home during the day so you have plenty of time to give to the dogs you are caring for. You must have a secure garden and agree to abide by PetStay guidelines. You are allowed to have a dog of your own as long as your dog gets on with other dogs.

How are your carers vetted?

If you meet all the requirements listed above, we will come and visit you at your home. We will check the security of the garden, explain PetStay procedures and show you the guidelines each carer needs to follow. If you are happy with everything and we feel you would make a suitable PetStay carer, we would follow up a reference and arrange public liability insurance for you.

How many dogs can I look after?

Our service is on a one-to-one basis, so only dogs from the same household will stay with you. You are allowed to take up to three dogs from the same household, BUT you choose what you are happy with. We will ask you how many dogs you would like to look after and what sized dog/s you would be happy to care for.

Do I have to provide the food?

No, the owner will bring any food or treats for the duration of the stay. Any toys, bedding, medication and leads will also be brought.

Does the dog/s have to be vaccinated?

Yes each dog MUST have up to date vaccinations, have been wormed and treated for fleas. Proof of the vaccinations will be brought to the meeting and shown to you.

What about walking the dogs?

All dogs should be taken out each day for walks. When you have your meeting with the owners all routines, including the number and length of walks, will be discussed. The dog is only ever walked on a lead.

What if the dog becomes ill?

We/you would endeavour to contact the owner or the emergency contact. The owner or the emergency contact would be liable for any expenses incurred in taking the dog to the vet.

Will I be paid?

You will receive a daily allowance starting from £11 per day.

What happens next?

If you are interested in becoming a carer, please ring us for an informal chat and ask any questions or email us with your details and we will come back to you. You can also use the contact form on the ‘contact us’ tab. If we feel you are suitable we would then arrange to visit you at home.

Apply to be a carer

Please fill in the details below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Reviews


Managed to get someone to look after my Tia at short notice. Sharon was a really nice host and made me and Tia feel welcome. I will use PetStay again in the future.

October 2019


Darcy had an amazing stay with Sharon one of the pet carers. Darcy was only 6 months and never been away from home, but Sharon looked after her so well I am sure she didn’t miss me for a second. Got updates and photos which was very reassuring for me, because I think I had separation anxiety more than the dog. Would definitely recommend!

August 2019


Bertie stayed with Carol and Russel for the second time. He absolutely loves it there and is spoilt rotten . We get daily updates and photos from Russel which puts our minds at ease while away . Would not hesitate to recommend there services. Will definitely be booking Bertie in again .


Joanne and Bernard . Bertie’s mum and dad
August 2019

Lenny & Oscar

My two dogs loved staying with Karen and David. They were showered with love and affection for the week and it really showed when we returned to pick them up. I would absolutely use them again next time we go away.

August 2019


Lola had an amazing time with Chris and Jenny, the photos and messages we were sent let us know she was happy and not missing us too much! Carol and Russell were brilliant and managed to place her back with Chris and Jenny who she’s stayed with before, many home boarders won’t take large dogs especially shepherds but we’ve never had a problem. I can’t recommend PetStay enough especially for people looking for an alternative to kennels.

August 2019

I have been using this company and their wonderful service for the past few months. My dog always receives the most phenomenal care when he is with the allocated carers for him. I always get to meet and greet each carer before he stays there to ensure I am happy with the environment and ensure they are a good match. I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough. I work within the pet industry and I would struggle to find any other company that provide such a great service. Will continue to use indefinitely.

August 2019


Our dog Archie thoroughly enjoyed his holiday with PetStay. We were kept updated with photos and updates which was lovely and reassuring. He came home happy and very well cared for. Highly recommended.

July 2019


Fantastic service. 1st time we’ve used this company and would definitely recommend it, Karen and David are amazing. I had regular updates and pictures of my girl which put my mind at ease as I was worried about leaving her. Great value for money and peace of mind knowing somebody’s going to look after your dog with the same love and affection as you do.

June 2019

Dora & Marci

We left our two dogs Dora and Marcelo with Carol and Russell from PetStay North. We can not recommend them highly enough. From start to finish Carol and Russell reassured us that both our dogs would be looked after as if they were with their own family. Before their stay, we met with Carol and Russel at their home with both dogs. As expected Dora ran off to explore but Marci stayed close, which made me nervous. Carol and Russell put our minds at ease and reassured us they would follow all our routines at home. We were sent videos and photos of two happy content dogs. We have one very confident little dachshund and recently got a very timid rescue puppy from Hungary, who we were very nervous about choosing to leave with. Carol and Russell allowed us to enjoy a holiday knowing in our heart or hearts that our fur babies were being taken good care of. Thanks, Carol and Russell. We will most definitely be recommending you and the PetStay North Manchester branch. Both Dora and Marci can’t wait to see you both again. I just wish more dogs could experience the love and care Marci and Dora received with you.

March 2019

Meg & Bob

Meg and Bob are two lively but rather anxious Patterdales. So we needed somebody calm, confident and capable to love and look after them. Sue has all of that in abundance. From the lovely messages, we received it was clear they had the time of their lives whilst we were away. I can wholeheartedly recommend Petstay North Manchester who were extremely prompt and diligent in finding the right carer for my dogs. I am very grateful to have found someone who my rascals adore.

February 2019


It was Barneys first stay away from home and it was for a period of 5 weeks so we were quite anxious that the care was exceptional. We took Barney to meet Ann at her home and we all got on straightaway. Ann was amazing caring for Barney along with her son Gary. We were given regular text updates and photos while we were on holiday and Barney has come home to us safe and happy. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Ann and Gary for their care and attention to our precious little boy Barney and Petstay for their amazing service in supplying outstanding carers.

January 2019

Lady Manchester


This is the first time we have used PetStay and the whole experience has been positive. We were matched with Sue who cared for a lady so well and catered for all her dietary needs. We received daily updates on Lady’s progress and was clear she and settled well, we also got daily photos which was so reassuring.
I cannot recommend the device enough, from the booking process with Carol and Russel to the excellent match they found for us.
Will definitely use the service again.

October 2018


Our dog has just spent 10 days with Trish via PetStay and we never had a moment’s worry despite it being the longest period we have been away since getting him. Trish sent us daily emails with photos and while he was glad to see us when we returned he was clearly well looked after and happy while we were away. As with all PetStay ‘families’ Alfie stayed in their house and was looked after just like he would have been at home. Plus we had the added advantage that Trish has a dog so Alfie has company on walks etc. Really good service and very good communication before and during the stay

August 2018

Max Manchester


Extremely happy with the service received from pet stay. Prompt service and carer Identified quickly. Our carer Geraldine was amazing with Max our 11yr old Labrador. He was really well looked after, we received lot of messages and pictures whilst we were away, couldn’t have wished for a better carer. We definitely would use pet saty again and hopefully same carer.

August 2018


What a result – Going on holiday knowing full well that your dog is getting the love and attention she deserves – and not stuck in a cage !
Thanks to Chris and Jenny for the lodgings and love for Noodle and to Russel and Carol for finding them for us.
Would recommend to all.

July 2018

Smokey Manchester


First of all I would like to start with thank you to Carol and Russel. This was my first time leaving my pooch with someone other than close friends/family and I have to admit I was a little nervous! I did a bit of research and Petstay popped up numerous times… long story short I had a lovely phone conversation with Carol who asked me all about my dogs needs and Home comforts. I automatically felt at ease and sent a email across with a few pictures of likes and dislikes and within 24 hours I had a response with a placement! After a visit to their home, a good chat about my worries and what smokey needed I came away feeling happy and confident in the place he was staying. Smokey isn’t good with other dogs and can be quite arrogant with his size but even that didn’t put them off!The drop off was completely stress free for me and him and once again I came away feeling relaxed about leaving him for 9 days. Whilst away I received updates and pictures and it was clear to see he was more than happy on his holiday! He was walked, cuddled, fussed over and came home a happy boy! There is now no where else I would consider leaving him! I can’t thank pet stay and their services enough! Would highly recommend for any dog of any size or breed they are made to feel part of the family! Thank you again! !
June 2018


I didn’t want to kennel my dog whilst I was on holiday, therefore, I searched online for boarding and PetStay were the best I could see online. I applied and quickly received a response from a friendly gentleman called Russell. We spoke about my collie and all his likes/dislikes and quirks( our collie has many quirks ). I was put in touch with a lovely lady called Sue. Myself, husband and dog met Sue in her home environment and I could tell within minutes that my Collie would be in good hands. In fact, I think my dog would have happily stayed there and then! All, Sue’s family made a fuss of our dog at the initial meeting and he loved being the centre of attention.
Whilst we were away, Sue sent What’s App messages and pictures regarding our Collie. Upon picking our Collie up from our travels, Sue had kept a little mini diary about his week boarding there and he had a ball of a time, so much so, that PetStay and Sue have been rebooked for when we next holiday.
So, for anyone thinking of using PetStay, I’d say go for it and give them a try, be reassured that your dog will be in capable hands.
Before I sign off , I’d love me to say thank you to Russell for putting us in touch with Sue and a big thank you to Sue and her family for looking after Lennie, you all exceeded my expectations!


June 2018


Thanks so much Carol and Russel for letting our little baby Bertie stay at your house while we went away … from our first meeting we were very impressed and you put us both at ease knowing Bertie would be looked after … the daily updates ensured us that Bertie was enjoying his stay. Would not hesitate in recommending your services to friends and would definitely let Bertie stay with you again …

June 2018


We were delighted with the service provided by PetStay North Manchester. From our first conversation with Russell, we were sure that he could find us a carer suitable for Cookie. As Cookie is a rescue dog who has been with us for less than 6 months, we had a list of concerns as long as our arm but Russell immediately put our minds at rest.
Upon meeting Cookie’s carers, Jenny and Chris, any remaining concerns we had disappeared. We could not have wished for anyone better to care for Cookie and we know that she was really well cared for and loved whilst we were away. We enjoyed receiving the updates and pictures of Cookie during our holiday and know that she had a fantastic time staying with Jenny and Chris.
We were so happy with the service provided, we immediately booked Cookie in for another weeks holiday later in the year upon our return. We really cannot praise PetStay North Manchester enough.

June 2018


My family and myself cannot praise Carol and Russell enough for looking after our Ronnie recently whilst we went on holiday. We met with Carol and Russell at their home to introduce them to Ronnie and also discuss his daily routine so that this could be maintained whilst in their care. They went the extra mile to ensure that we had no concerns about leaving Ronnie in their care and sent us daily updates and photos of Ronnie which we really appreciated. We could see that he was enjoying his holidays too. We could also see the relationship that they had built with Ronnie and would recommend the high level of service that Carol and Russell provide to anyone looking for someone to care for their dog. Thank you so much.

June 2018


Our two year old Labrador has just had his second stay with Chris and Jenny and really enjoyed himself. I was very nervous about the prospect of a dog boarder but the whole process from initial phone consultation to meetings with selected boarders was very professional and put my mind at ease. Leo can be a bit of a handful at times but PetStay took the time to find suitable boarders and they are great with him.
May 2018

Rocky-N Manchester


Rocky is our 14 year old Jack Russell and although he has been in kennels for many years we feel in his older years he needed to be looked after in a home environment. I searched on the internet as I was not sure if this service was available but quickly found PetStay’s website. We live in Stockport but as all the local carers were booked up we were provided with the contact details for PetStay North Manchester.

Russ and Carol from PetStay had avaibliity and after our first visit all our questions were answered. After dropping Rocky off we were able to enjoy our weekend away and upon our return was happy to find Rocky happily asleep next to Carol.

I would urge you to use PetStay North Manchester as we are extremely happy with the personal service supplied.

March 2018

Dora and Snoopy

Dora & Snoopy

“Thank you for a very client based approach towards finding the right match for both myself and the dogs. They were looked after exceptionally and I would highly recommend your services again. Many Thanks

North Manchester
March 2018


PetStay and carer Trish – absolute angels of mercy! Taking such good care of 2 of my Sheltie Bitches at such very short notice, when I was suddenly taken so ill, just as my other bitch was about to whelp a litter! I would be happy to strongly recommend PetStay’s service to any other dog owner who needs them to be loved and cared for away from home!

North Manchester

An Update From Us

As we are now in our second year of operating we are very pleased with the progress we are making and are looking forward to continue to build on the encouraging start we have made. We decided initially to advertise widely around our particular patch using local newspapers and journals and supporting this with associating our brand with community activities and events such as our Grandson’s school calendar a local dog walk for charity and a residential care home’s annual fundraising lunch to name a few. We have also advertised with a magazine that is distributed in a local supermarket. We have recently sponsored a kennel with the Manchester Dogs Home which is another example of our desire to be involved with worthy causes. We also selected certain well-established shops where we are known to leave leaflets feeling that the selected shops would be the right type of place for our business to reach the right people.

Our End of Year Review

Having now completed our first year we are pleased with the progress we have made and are looking forward to developing further on the encouraging start we have made. We decided initially to advertise widely around our particular patch using local newspapers and journals and supporting this with associating our brand with community activities and events such as our Grandson’s school calendar a local dog walk for charity and a residential care home’s annual fundraising lunch to name a few. We also selected certain well-established shops where we are known to leave leaflets feeling that the selected shops would be the right type of place for our business to reach the right people.

During the course of the year, we have recruited 15 carers into our team which we aim to add too during 2019. We have booked over 100 happy guest dogs with many of their owners making a second booking for their pet! It just goes to show that we and our amazing carers are providing a service people in North Manchester want to use.

PetStay North Manchester are always available to take bookings and are continually looking to add to our team of dog carers

Hello! Russ and I are delighted to be in our first year of being part of the PetStay family and are really looking forward to operating a fantastic dog boarding service to ensure our pet dogs have as wonderful holidays as our customers do! We are constantly looking for dog lovers to become PetStay North Manchester carers so we are looking forward to hearing from you!
We are very excited to report that we appear in an editorial in January edition of JLife and that Russ will be being interviewed on Trafford Sound a local radio station in the coming week (8th Jan – 14th Jan 2018)!

North Manchester

Dog sitting services in Sheffield areaContact Details

To find out more or to arrange a visit to one of our carers in the North Manchester area, please get in touch using the details below.

Tel: 0161 3270534

Mobile: 07519 094949

Email: carol@petstay.net

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Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit.  They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site.  Unless you have set your browser to block cookies, this site will place the following cookies on your computer.



Cookie Name Purpose
Google Analytics _ga
Google Analytics gathers information allowing us to understand interactions with our websites and ultimately refine that experience to better serve you.


Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings.  To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org.


Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are text files placed on your computer, to help us analyse how users use the site. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity for our website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage.


Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required to do so by law, or where such third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. However, please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.


To opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout


Changes to this privacy notice: We keep our privacy notice under regular review. This privacy notice was last updated on 22/05/2018.