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Jane Moyes – Glasgow Branch

It’s been a great first year for PetStay Glasgow. We were the 1st Scottish branch of PetStay. When it came to considering a change of career, I decided that buying a franchise was a better option than starting out on my own. I absolutely love dogs and was drawn to dog-related services and then we found PetStay! I loved PetStay from the start. I was drawn to the graphics of the website but more importantly I really liked the service PetStay offers to it’s customers.
I understand how important it is for owners to feel confident that their beloved dog will be well-cared for and happy when they are away. And that’s what we provide with PetStay. We’ve been busy building up our carer and customer base over the last year as well as building up a great reputation for Home Dog Boarding across Glasgow. It has given me flexible employment, allowing me a good work/life balance, doing something I really enjoy and believe in. Being part of a franchise gave me a great start and Carole and her team at head office are always on hand to offer help and provide support when needed. Having the network of other PetStay Franchisees out there has also really helped me as we all learn from each other’s experiences – good & not so good!
I am really proud to be part of PetStay as I know it is a fantastic service all round. We provide a very professional service which is competitive and always has our guest dog’s best interests at heart. Of course we couldn’t do this without our amazing team of carers to welcome all the lovely doggies into their home & hearts. Without them, we literally wouldn’t have a business

Jane Prince – Staffordshire Branch

PetStay StaffordshireMy PetStay journey began in December 2015 when I saw an advert on a franchise website. My husband and I were looking to buy a franchise as I had taken a step back from my family company and wanted a business I could build from scratch. I looked into several and settled on PetStay because I love dogs, enjoy speaking to people and am quite organised with paperwork! I also wanted something I could run from my home office so I could be with my dogs all day. PetStay fitted these criteria perfectly – and Carole replied to my enquiry very quickly.
The first couple of months were planting seeds – leaflet drops, putting posters up, getting a free newspaper editorial and other selected small (and cheap!) advertising, mostly looking for ways to recruit carers. The customers found me through these methods too, and also Google and our website. I had a dozen reserve customers by the end of January and got my first carer mid-February. By the end of October I will have 12 carers and lots of customers who have already boarded, booked for later in the year or are in the process of visiting carers and booking.
The support I’ve received from everyone at PetStay head office, and from my fellow franchisees by phone, email and, very importantly, the PetStay franchisee Facebook forum, has been absolutely vital. It helped me during those first two months when I was putting pressure on myself to get started quickly – you need to be patient and wait for the perfect first carer! – and has given me the confidence to build my little business into what I’m sure will be a very successful and bigger business – everything I had hoped for when I chose PetStay.

Tracey Carroll – Stockport Branch

Tracey-CarrollI joined PetStay as a franchisee in early 2014, I carried out extensive research on similar opportunities in the dog home boarding market but I kept coming back to PetStay because it ticked all my boxes, as well as being good value for money, it had an appealing website and I liked the look of the brand. I spoke to and subsequently visited Carole in Hessle with my husband and soon decided it was for me. I couldn’t wait to launch PetStay Stockport.
I am now in my third year and have built a business that has the capacity to keep growing. My territory is very large so there are still areas I have not properly tapped in to, I have lots of lovely regular customers and still retain many of the carers I took on in 2014, they have become more than just carers to me as they are such an important part of my business. Last count I had close to 30 carers and have had quite a bit of success with recruiting them through local newspaper ads recently.
Starting a new business is always daunting but after time your name and reputation becomes known and you find carers and customers often find you through word of mouth, so it does all gets a little bit easier. Being in the business of dogs I have made many new friends who also work in this industry, from trainers, to other home boarders and walkers. I have joined local dog walking groups (for pleasure) and find this a great way to meet up with dog owners and spread the word about PetStay. My earnings are increasing year on year and I believe I can still build on this going forward.
What I really love about my PetStay Job is the freedom and flexibility to determine the structure of my own day. I still get up at very early and log on to work (I am sure I will never stop doing that) however, at least I don’t have a 1 hour drive in awful traffic every morning. My days may consist of looking at advertising/marketing avenues, leaflet drops, networking and of course answering my phone and emails to new or repeat enquiries. Of course there are always a few breaks in the day to take Alfie for a walk, which usually means more networking with the local dog walking community!
I have big hopes for the coming months, and I am setting myself realistic targets and challenges. I am really optimistic about my PetStay future.

Chris & Mark, Derby & Nottingham Branch

PetStay DerbyWe’ve been a PetStay Franchisee for 11 months now and what an adventure it has been! Having been in the sales industry for the past ten years my husband and I decided there was a real need for us to gain some work/life balance in what had become non-existent weekends together and late nights at the office.
Whilst we considered starting our own business, there was not only the start-up fees to take into account but also all the legalities of being a business owner, which quite frankly made us nervous, not only this but with me having been used to working with a network of people, we felt I would have found starting up on our own quite lonely.
It was then we came across the idea of a franchise and finding this option much more appealing, we stepped our search up a gear! From our first conversation with Carole we knew we’d found something special and after making the trip up to Hull to meet Carole and see PetStay’s HQ, we knew there and then this was most definitely the franchise for us!!! The support and training Carole and her team provided was invaluable and so in October 2015 after our induction at PetStay HQ, PetStay Derby was launched!
The lifestyle and flexibility it has given us has been great and whilst we are always working on PetStay, we work on it together…and it’s ours, so we know we’re working on building something amazing! We spend some of our weekends visiting local events, having our own PetStay stand which is great because it gives us the opportunity to do what we love most and that’s talk about dogs!!!
And being a part of the PetStay family really adds to what makes it so worthwhile…sharing ideas, discussing how to build our businesses and being in the knowledge we have the backing of a company that really does have the love of the dogs at the forefront of what they do!
So if you’re thinking of becoming a Franchisee I really could not recommend it enough…make the leap…it’ll be the best thing you do!!!