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Chris and Mark – Branch owners of PetStay Derby and PetStay Nottingham

After making a success of PetStay Derby, Chris and Mark chose to expand and made the decision to open PetStay Nottingham.

“The first year of PetStay Derby was hard work but really exciting. Getting carers on board was, of course, the first job, so with plenty of leaflet dropping and advertising in our local magazines, we gradually grew our team of carers to around the 25 mark.

“The next job was then getting the PetStay name and brand out there and we were so surprised at how many people hadn’t really heard of home dog boarding. We attended as many local events as we could and made sure all our friends were sharing our Facebook page, not to mention the leaflet dropping continued as well as visiting local vets and pet shops asking them to display our posters. And as time went on the business grew with nearly 150 new customers in our first year, this has pretty much been maintained year on year, which adding to our repeat customer base totals nearly 500 customers on our books as at the end of 2018.”

Jane – Branch owner of PetStay Glasgow

Jane knew she wanted to be her own boss and decided a franchise was the better option.

“PetStay Glasgow was the 1st Scottish branch of PetStay. When it came to considering a change of career, I decided that buying a franchise was a better option than starting out on my own. I absolutely love dogs and was drawn to dog-related services and then we found PetStay! I loved PetStay from the start. I was drawn to the graphics of the website but more importantly I really liked the service PetStay offers to its customers.

“I understand how important it is for owners to feel confident that their beloved dog will be well-cared for and happy when they are away. And that’s what we provide with PetStay. We’ve been busy building up our carer and customer base over the last year as well as building up a great reputation for Home Dog Boarding across Glasgow. It has given me flexible employment, allowing me a good work/life balance, doing something I really enjoy and believe in. Being part of a franchise gave me a great start and Carole and her team at head office are always on hand to offer help and provide support when needed. Having the network of other PetStay Franchisees out there has also really helped me as we all learn from each other’s experiences – good & not so good!

“I am really proud to be part of PetStay as I know it is a fantastic service all round. We provide a very professional service which is competitive and always has our guest dog’s best interests at heart. Of course we couldn’t do this without our amazing team of carers to welcome all the lovely doggies into their home & hearts. Without them, we literally wouldn’t have a business.”

Sophia – Branch owner of PetStay Norfolk

With experience as a vet and an Animal Management lecturer, Sophia wanted something that could be more flexible to her family life.

“Having been a vet and finding that this didn’t match family life anymore, I had changed over to teaching Animal Management. After doing that for 7 years, the system had changed so much, it was taking over my life and I wanted something that would mean I could put in more or less time, as it suited me and that IF I put in more time, I would reap the benefits from it myself. Also, I wanted more job satisfaction and less stress

I love speaking to the customers. My carers are absolutely brilliant. And indeed, if I put in more work, I get more return.”

Catriona - PetStay Highlands

Catriona – Branch owner of PetStay Highlands & Moray

Catriona had researched how to start her own dog care business but was unsure where to start before finding the PetStay franchise opportunity.

“I loved the first few months of setting up PetStay Highland & Moray, starting with training which explained, amongst other things, the best way to find carers and how to market the business. I was surprised at the interest from potential carers from my first few adverts in a couple of local newspapers; we were up and running within a few weeks after carers had received home boarding licences from their local council. I have a lot of repeat customers so the branch keeps growing – I now have 25 carers and they’re as busy as they’d like to be. I speak to my carers regularly which is usually a fun part of the day, as are the dogs that also board with me.”