The first year of any new business can prove challenging, even with the support and training of a franchisor and experienced business partner. At PetStay, we strive to prepare new franchisees with their dog care venture by supporting and advising them through each step of launching a business.

PetStay North Manchester

Carol and Russell opened PetStay North Manchester at the end of 2017

We spoke to a few PetStay franchisees who joined us in the last year to find out how they’d gotten on.

Russell of PetStay North Manchester said: “We are pleased with the progress we have made and are looking forward to developing further on the encouraging start we have made.”

One of the big things about starting a new business or opening a new branch is marketing and getting your name out there. This is incredibly important for local branches as they begin to build trust in the area.

To advertise their branch, Carol and Russell chose to use multiple marketing methods to raise the profile of the business and complement the national advertising carried out by Head Office.

They said: “We decided initially to advertise widely around our particular patch using local newspapers and journals and supporting this with associating our brand with community activities and events such as our Grandson’s school calendar a local dog walk for charity and a residential care home’s annual fundraising lunch to name a few.

“We also selected certain well-established shops where we are known to leave leaflets feeling that the selected shops would be the right type of place for our business to reach the right people. Our advertising also encompassed the use of social media, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.”

A PetStay franchise not only brings training, support and experience, but it allows our franchisees to work flexibly. Emma joined the team in Summer 2018 and was soon taking bookings for her branch, PetStay Durham & Darlington.

Emma opened her branch, PetStay Durham & Darlington in the summer of 2018.

Emma said: “PetStay has not only changed my career but my home life too. I decided to home board myself. I have two children who are 10 and 8 they are loving having the dogs around the house and we have found ourselves spending more time together as a family out in the fresh air.”

The PetStay business model has been proven successful with each franchisee. In her first few months, Emma found that people in her area loved the 5* star service PetStay offered.

“In the 6 months I have had my branch I have 5 carers including myself and we have had 45 customers! We have had lots of positive reviews and already have some customers who have had 2 or 3 stays with us.”

To find out more about the PetStay franchise opportunity contact Head Office on 01482 307684 or email for our prospectus.

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