Dog walkers could now face a fine of up to £100 for not carrying poo bags in some areas of the UK.

Dog mess left by irresponsible owners drives many of us barking mad! And understandably, if you are caught not cleaning up after your dog you would expect to pay a fine. Now, many councils are taking it one step further to tackle dog mess.

Daventry District Council and North Somerset Council are just two councils who have implements new bylaws that can see dog owners fined for not carrying poo bags. They say, failure to provide the means to pick up after a dog at the request of an authorised officer will result in a fine.

Boston Borough Council in Lincolnshire will issue a fine of £100 to dog owners who are not carrying a “suitable receptacle” to pick up their dog’s mess. Failing to pay the fines can lead to a hefty bill or even prosecution.

While many councils across the UK have yet to implement such bylaws, it is always a good idea to keep a spare poo bag in your pocket!

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