Two dogs relaxing on five star holidays for dogs

Thanks to vaccination efforts, lockdowns are beginning to loosen. This has led many to start planning their first holiday in a long while. After all, the pandemic has been long and tough – many of us need the time away! However, aren’t our pups equally deserving of a vacation? Luckily, you can get holidays for dogs too, if you know where to look!

In this article, I’ll be taking a look at how you can give your pup a great holiday of their own while you enjoy your own vacation! Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Dogs and Separation Anxiety

Before you go on holiday, it’s a good idea to think about how your pup may react. For example, if you got a new pooch during the pandemic, they’ve likely gotten very used to you always being around. This can cause problems when it comes time for your holiday as they haven’t experienced being alone for an extended amount of time.

Because of this, your sudden departure could cause a lot of anxiety. It’s a good idea to get your pup used to you leaving before you try something like a week-long vacation. Good preparation can help ensure your pup doesn’t spend the holiday stressed out.

Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to help train your dog to be more accepting of time without you. Here’s all the information you need to help your pup get over its anxiety!

Where Can I Keep My Dogs on Holiday?

Keeping your dog safe during your holidays often isn’t an issue. However, keeping them happy and anxiety-free can be another matter entirely. There’s plenty of places where you can keep your dogs, but not all of them will give your pup the attention they need.

For example, kennels are a popular choice. They’re the simplest way of keeping your dog out of trouble, but it does come with its problems. After all, just look at it from your dog’s perspective. They’re suddenly not with their family, surrounded by other dogs and humans, and kept in a rather boring cage for hours each day.

This situation can cause even the bravest dogs to feel nervous, and you can’t really call it a holiday. 

For that reason, some opt to keep their pooch with a trusted friend. This can work, but you can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to give your dog the care they deserve. Your friend may be working long hours, or they may have their own pets which your pooch doesn’t get along with.

It’s easy to look at these options and think that there is no good way of doing it. However, there is a third alternative – dog boarding. This is where your dog is taken in by thoroughly vetted carers who will be home during the day to smother your pup with affection and fun!

This ensures your pup gets a nice change of scenery, while still getting all the care they need. It’s like their very own vacation!

Holidays for Dogs – What We Do Better Than The Rest

As you may have noticed, we at PetStay provide a dog boarding service throughout the UK. But what’s so special about us? Well, we have always been committed to providing the best possible service. We also aim to go the extra mile for each and every customer. After all, your pooches deserve nothing less!

Throughout the entire process, you’ll be fully in control. You’ll be able to meet potential dog boarders in advance of your holiday, to find if they’re a good fit. We also never mix dogs from different households. Because of this, you can rest assured that the carer will only be focusing on your pups. To that end, you can share your pup’s routine and special needs with our carer, and they’ll follow it precisely.

If you’re interested in giving your pup a fantastic holiday, give your local PetStay branch a call today and find out how we provide the best holidays for dogs!