Here at PetStay we have all sorts of doggy visitors, big, small, bouncy, shy and some with very interesting stories to tell. Let me introduce you to Sandbag, one of our very well-travelled pooches who has recently stayed with PetStay Leeds.

When we hear someone calling their dogs name in the park we may wonder how they came to be called that. When Donna from Leeds calls her dog passers-by may be surprised to hear her shout for “Sandbag”. How did she get her name?

Rewind to 2012 in the dust and heat of Kabul, Afghanistan. Donna’s husband Steve was on a tour of duty and found two newborn puppies abandoned in a pile of sandbags, hence the name! Steve and his colleagues adopted Sandbag and with their care she thrived and lived with them for the next two years in their “secure” accommodation in Kabul.

Walkies in the normal sense of the word was not possible for Sandbag due to the military limited freedom of movement, she had no contact with women or children and her safe outdoor space was a small backyard.

However Sandbag had many adventures and spent many hours and miles travelling with Steve in his armoured vehicle, she’s a great car dog in civvy street! At the end of each busy day she slept soundly on his bed and often through long bouts of artillery fire and countless explosions!


In 2014 Sandbag was quarantined with the wonderful staff at the Nowzad Vet Clinic and dog rescue facility in Kabul. She was then transported by ‘Jets for Pets’ and ‘Emirates’ airlines from Kabul via Dubai to Manchester.


Sandbag settled into the Yorkshire life quickly but strangely does not like walking on sandy beaches however she is absolutely fine on bonfire night!! Sandbag is loved to pieces! One very special lady!