Again, we’re being warned of snow, ice and high winds for the weekend! Great… Even rain can put a bit of a dampener on a dog walk, but the cold weather can make it even more difficult. High winds are set to batter Wales, snow is predicted to fall across Scotland and England is about to have a big freeze.

So, how can you keep you and your pet safe and comfortable during your dog walks this weekend? Try PetStay’s tips and enjoy your weekend with the dogs.

  1. If the weather is too bad to go on your scheduled dog walk keep your dog entertained with plenty of toys inside. You and your dog can both burn off some extra energy by playing tug with a rope. Just be careful not to throw bouncy balls where there might be something breakable!
  2. When you do venture out make sure you both wrap up warm. Dogs do have fur to keep them warm but a coat can help them stay dry.
  3. Keep towels by the door (on a radiator if there’s one in the hallway!) and dry off when you get back from your walk. Even if it hasn’t rained, moisture from the grass or even snow can dampen your dog’s legs and belly.
  4. Check your dogs paws for ice and grit and clean them after a walk. Salt and snow can clump up between their toes and cause irritation to the skin.
  5. Make sure all your contact details are up to date on your dog’s collar and microchip in case they get lost running around in the snow. If your dog doesn’t have good recall it might be worth keeping your pet on a lead.

And as always, if you’re walking in the dark make sure you and your dog can be seen! Wear reflective clothing, carry a torch and invest in a light-up collar for your dog.