Happy Love Your Pet Day to all owners and their beloved pooches!

February 20th marks national Love Your Pet Day! A day created to encourage pet owners to spend more time with their furry (or scaly) friends. If you’re one of the estimated 49% of UK adults who owns a pet, this day is the perfect excuse to spend it with your four-legged friend.

Even if you’re missing a pet in your life, there is always a way to get a doggy-fix with plenty of dogs looking for attention from volunteers at animal rescues as well as companies such as PetStay where you can look after a guest dog while their owners are away.

Becoming a PetStay dog carer is the perfect way to enjoy the love and health benefits that come with a dog even when you can’t take on the full-time responsibility. Plus, being a dog carer works around your home life. PetStay will match a suitable dog with you and your family, then arrange a meeting to make sure everyone is happy before taking the booking.

Want to find out more about becoming a dog sitter and joining our team of home boarding dog carers? Find your local branch here or apply now!

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