Mental health blog

For Mental Health Awareness Week, PetStay is looking at how dogs help with mental health as well as physical health.

If you have ever owned a pet, you will know the love and fun they can bring to your life. But did you know they can improve your health too? Studies carried out by the likes of the University of Liverpool, mental health charity Mind and pet charities have found that dogs have amazing mental health benefits as well as physical health benefits.

From these reports, it has been found that dogs can help reduce stress, anxiety and even depression. Caring for a dog can ease loneliness, encourage exercise and provide valuable companionship for older generations. Above all else, we believe dogs bring unconditional love to your life!

90% of nurses surveys by the Royal College of Nurses said they felt animals could improve the health of patients with depression while 60% said the presence of animals could speed up recovery.

Studies have also found that:

  • Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets.
  • Stroking a dog can help ease stress and anxiety in people.
  • People with dogs have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than people without pets.
  • Pet owners over 65 make 30% fewer visits to their GPs than those without pets.

Want a dog but are unable to take on the responsibility? PetStay are currently looking for home dog carers across the country to join their team of loving and licensed carers. Enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of a dog with the flexibility to fit around your life.

To find out more information visit our carers page or find your local PetStay branch.