Your dog is part of the family, so you’ll want to be sure that they’ll receive the best possible care while you’re away on holiday. We want you to relax and enjoy your break, knowing that your beloved pooch is having a wonderful holiday too! Our pet carers are vetted to ensure they can offer the care and attention your dog needs. Here’s how we do it.
We only work with dog lovers
Our dog carers love dogs, and it’s the first thing we look for when a new carer applies to join our team. They must also be experienced dog owners. Our carers are often people who’ve had a dog in the past but can’t commit to owning one now, perhaps because of family commitments or a need for flexibility in their daily life. They must also be at home during the day so your dog will always have company.
The home environment
We visit all new potential carers at home so we can learn more about the kind of person they are. It also lets us check whether they have a secure garden where your dog can play.
Whilst most of our carers don’t currently have a dog of their own, some do. If this is the case, we’ll only allow them to become a PetStay dog carer if their pet gets on with other dogs. We also match the carer to your dog, so we’ll never place your pooch in a home with another dog if it isn’t right for them. Our carers only look after one dog, or dogs from a single household.
Guidance and training
All PetStay dog carers must meet our list of criteria, both on the application form and during their face-to-face interview. We have written guidelines that every carer must agree to follow before they’re approved. In addition, every carer receives training to understand what’s expected of them.
We arrange for a carer to meet you and your dog before any placement is agreed upon. We want you to be confident that we’ve chosen the best possible person to look after your doggy. Many of our carers develop long-term relationships with clients and love seeing how your dog changes over the years.
Before we approve a PetStay dog carer, we start by asking one simple question. Would we be happy to leave our own dogs with this person? But, of course, that’s only part of the process. All of our carers are licensed and inspected by their local authority as well as ourselves. We also ask for references.
Finally, when a new carer has been approved, we’ll arrange public liability insurance to give you peace of mind.
If you’d like to learn more about how our PetStay dog carers are vetted, please get in touch with us. Our dog boarders look after every aspect of your dog’s care so you can go away for a relaxing holiday. Check here to see why we’re your best choice for quality dog boarding!

Senior couple holding a dog in a retirement home