How a PetStay dog carer could be the right alternative to boarding

If you’re planning your summer holiday, finding the right care for your beloved dog is probably pretty high on your to-do list. You may have already considered boarding kennels, but a dog carer could be the perfect alternative. Boarding kennels house many different dogs in separate kennels, but a dog carer looks after your pooch in their own home. Here are a few of the reasons why a dog carer could be the right alternative to boarding for your dog.

Exclusivity for your dog

At PetStay, our dog carers offer a one-to-one service so your doggo will have the carer’s undivided attention during their stay. If you have more than one dog, they can all stay together rather than being placed in separate kennels. Our carers only look after dogs from one household at any one time. This means that your dog will receive care that’s tailored to its needs. It’s particularly reassuring if you have an older dog or one with long-term illnesses or specific care needs. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your pooch is being well looked after.

Keeping your dog to their routine

Our dog carers look after your pet in their own home. Before your dog goes to stay with them, you’ll have the opportunity to take your dog for a visit and talk to the carer about your pet’s normal routine. We only confirm your booking when you’re happy. This process means that the carer can stick to your dog’s usual feeding, walking and sleeping habits. A boarding kennel is less able to tailor their care in this way, which means dogs are usually walked and fed at standard times. You’ll know that your pooch is being well looked after, and it gives your dog a less stressful experience too.

A home-from-home environment

Boarding kennels can be a great environment for some dogs, but not all. If your doggo likes their home comforts, staying with a dog carer is the ideal choice. They spend time in a comfortable house with a secure garden. Our carers are all genuine dog lovers who are experienced in looking after dogs. They’ll take care of your pooch as if it were their own. If your dog becomes ill while you’re away, they’ll get in touch with you and take them to the vet if necessary, so you know everything’s taken care of. We only work with carers if we’d be happy to leave our own dogs with them.

Less stress for your pet

If your doggo is used to a quiet family home, a boarding kennel can be stressful and noisy for them. Staying with one of our dog carers means that they don’t have to mix with other dogs. We can also choose a carer that can offer your dog the kind of environment they’d prefer. Boarding kennels will often separate dogs into separate kennels, even if they’re from the same family. That doesn’t happen with a dog carer; if you have more than one dog, they can all stay together.

If you’d like to find out more about how a PetStay dog carer could be the right alternative to boarding, please get in touch. Our dog boarders look after every aspect of your dog’s care so that you can go away for a relaxing holiday. Check here to see why we’re your best choice for quality dog boarding!