With the milder weather, dog walkers are looking for more exciting areas to help their pet burn off some of their energy. Country parks and countryside walks are great locations for a family day out, but these peaceful walks can be tarnished by ill-trained dogs and their owners.

To get the very best of the warmer weather, have a look at our etiquette guide and make friends at the dog park, not foes!

  1. Take the necessities

Water and a water bowl are a must for both you and your dog. The weather may not be scorching but you will both need to be hydrated on long walks. Treats are another dog walk must-have and can help when you need to distract your dog from other animals or a mound of something smelly!

You should also take a lead and harness out with you. Even if your dog has 100% recall, it’s always best to keep a lead with you especially when your path might cross a grazing field. Dogs will need to be on lead and kept away from grazing animals like sheep and cows this time of year (lambing season) to prevent worrying or injuring the other animals.

  1. Be mindful of other people and dogs

Unfortunately, not all people and dogs want to meet your dog no matter how much your dog tells you otherwise! If you come across another dog on a lead, there may be a reason for it. For example, they could be nervous of other animals or may be old and want to be left alone.

Being mindful of other people and their pets provides you with more of an opportunity to meet new people and make dog walking friends (or find out the walking regulars to avoid).

  1. Leave only footprints

It’s an obvious rule but pick up after your dog. No one likes to run through the fields only to find they’ve stepped in something gross. Remember to take poo bags out on your walks and deposit your dog’s leavings in the closet bin.

Do you think we’ve forgotten anything? Comment your walking tips below.

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