Before leaving your beloved pet with a stranger, there are several critical questions you must ask to ensure your dog is safe in their care.

Here are a few important questions to ask your dog sitter before booking your holiday.

  1. Do you have experience with dogs?

It may seem like an obvious question, but it can be an easy way to gauge whether they can take care of your dog. Different breeds have different temperaments, so if someone has only had experience with smaller dogs, they may be unable to handle an active breed like a husky.


  1. Do you have any pets, or will you be caring for other dogs at the same time?

It’s always good to find out about any other animals in the household, whether they are the sitter’s own pets or another guest dog. If your dog isn’t a fan of cats or other dogs, a multiple dog home boarder may not be the right choice.


  1. Can my dog meet you first?

At PetStay, we encourage our customers to meet the carer with their dog before the booking. This means everyone gets to know each other and see how they get along. It also means your dog will feel more familiar with their carer when it comes to their holiday.


  1. Are you insured and licensed?

UK regulations state that home dog boarders, kennels and doggy day cares must be licensed and insured to care for your dog. Being licensed means they have passed the rigorous checks that ensure the welfare of animals in their care, and states that their home or accommodation is suitable for your pet.


PetStay was one of the first home boarders to be licensed with local authorities in many areas since its launch in 2005. Today, we ensure our branches are licensed, and carers are insured and meet the local authorities and our own strict criteria to become a home boarding dog carer.


  1. Will you follow my pet’s routines and how much time will you spend with them?

If your dog follows a daily routine of set times for walks and meals it is always good to communicate these to your pet sitter. Some dogs can find it stressful to have a major change to their routine so going for a walk at the same time they would at home can be a way to ease any anxiety they may have.


It is also equally important to ensure your dog won’t be left for long periods of time. For example, if your pet sitter had another commitment where they would be out of the house for over 4 hours or if they intend to leave your dog with someone else while they are out.


  1. How would you handle an emergency?

It’s something we all hate to think about but knowing the general procedure for the worst case scenario can put your mind at ease. If there’s a medical emergency will you take the dog to the vets? If something happens, will they contact you or a family member?


At PetStay, we take an emergency contact and work on a plan you are happy with. We also take preventative measures, such as walking dogs on lead, to avoid any recall mishaps that could ruin your holiday! Additionally, PetStay carers have 24/7 support from their local PetStay branch for help with any issues or queries.


  1. How do we keep in touch?

Like children, you’ll probably want to know how your pet is doing while you are away. Some pet sitters provide a text and image service for an additional fee so it’s always good to discuss this before booking.


Our PetStay carers are always more than happy to ease any anxiety you may have while away and can provide you with updates and even pictures!


Speak with your local PetStay branch to find out more information about our five-star dog sitting service with experience home boarding dog carers.

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