With Christmas just around the corner, studies have already revealed that dog owners will be spending more on their pet than their family!

Dogs can be a massive part of our family, but a recent study by Savile Row Company showed 40% of UK dog owners would be spending more on their beloved pooch than family this Christmas. The same study also revealed a quarter of people admitted to spending more on their dog than their partner!

In fact, two in three dog owners will be buying their pet a festive present, with an estimated £166 million being spent in the UK on our pets.

Research by American Express said that the average annual spend on Britain’s nine million dogs had risen from £1,252 to £1,342 this year. It’s not surprising that the majority of this is spent on food, insurance and vet bills. However, over £200 of this goes on toys and treats, with another £200 spent on grooming, including massages and facials for our pets.

In the spirit of Christmas, 44% of owners asked said they would wear matching Christmas outfits with their dogs. Now all the family can wear matching pyjamas on Christmas morning!

On top of having gifts under the tree, over a quarter of pets will be getting their own bit of Christmas dinner. But remember, many parts of a roast are unsuitable for dogs and some can even be fatal. Rather than giving them table scraps, try a dog-friendly treat from your local pet shop or stick to their normal food.

While it’s good news for dogs who love new toys, one in ten pets are expected to lose out on their usual walk during the festivities. Instead of toys and treats, why not take your dog for an extra special Christmas walk?

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