It’s that time of year where we pack up our winter jackets and cosy jumpers and spring clean the house! If you have pets, you will need to pay attention to the cleaning products you use to prevent any unhappy accidents. Here are our tips to keep your pet safe while spring cleaning.

  1. Check the labels and use pet-safe cleaning products

With most products, you should always read the label to make sure you are using them correctly for your own safety and to prevent damaging what you are trying to clean. There are many pet-safe brands and cleaning products which are less likely to harm your pet, but still need to be used correctly.

  1. Keep cleaning products out of reach

Just like kids, you need to make sure your dog can’t get his paws on any potentially harmful products. This includes cleaning cloths. Always store well out of reach of your pet and make sure you put products, wipes, and cloths away when you’re finished.

  1. Keep them out

If you’re mopping floors with bleach or other cleaning products, it’s always best to keep your pet out of that room until everything is dry. This will prevent irritants from getting on their skin or paws. When cleaning the toilet, close the lid once you pour the bleach down to stop your dog being able to drink from it.

What to do if your dog has come into contact with a cleaning product

If your pet has ingested or been burnt by any chemical, you should call your vet right away. Head over to the PDSA website for more details about the signs you should look out for.


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