Dog on Staycation with Tongue Out

With the current coronavirus situation, more families have been booking staycations within the country instead of vacations abroad. While this is a great way for us humans to relax, are staycations with dogs a good idea? Is it better to board your dog instead?

In this article, we’re going to answer just that! We’ll cover the common issues staycationers and their dogs run into, along with why our home dog boarding service could be the more appropriate option for your pooch.

So, let’s get started!

Are Staycations with Dogs a Bad Idea?

While it is possible to have very successful staycations with dogs, it certainly does complicate matters. After all, many places are simply not pet-friendly, limiting the number of locations you could visit.

Even if you do find a place that is doggie-friendly, that doesn’t mean the surrounding venues will be. If you wanted to enjoy a nice meal, take a walk on the beach, or simply relax in the nearby pub, there’s a fair chance that your pooch wouldn’t be able to come.

There’s also the issue that many dogs just aren’t right for such a big adventure. Travel can be a huge issue – especially for anxious and easily carsick pups. The drive over there may cause more stress for your dog than the staycation may be worth!

Staycations may also present issues for older dogs, or those who are experiencing health conditions. Such dogs truly benefit from a lot of one-to-one care, and it can be hard to provide that if many venues within your staycation don’t allow dogs.

Benefits of Home Dog Boarding

Home dog boarding comes with plenty of benefits!

First of all, it allows you to enjoy your holiday without worry. You’ll be able to avoid the headache of planning a trip that allows your pooch to enjoy the staycation too, as they will be having a staycation of their own! Travel will also be less of an issue, as you’ll likely only need to drive your pup to a nearby location, rather than a faraway holiday venue.

You’ll also be ensuring that your pup is receiving plenty of one-to-one attention, which can be hard to provide on a staycation due to the above problems. For pooches who experience anxiety, health conditions, or are just getting on in age, this is absolutely crucial. The calm and safe environment provided by a dog sitter can be great for all pups, and the change of scenery ensures that they are still experiencing something new and exciting.

Why Choose PetStay?

As you may have already noticed, we provide award-winning home dog boarding services throughout the UK. We’d be more than happy to ensure your pooch has a fantastically fun and safe holiday! But what makes us stand out from the competition?

First of all, our professional carers are all hand-picked and home-checked up to our very high standards. We never mix dogs from other households – meaning your dog will receive the best in care, along with completely undivided attention.

Unlike other dog boarding services, we also keep you in full control. You’ll be able to meet potential boarders before your staycation and we’ll help you to find the perfect fit.

Additionally, you can give your dog boarder all the information they need to know about your pup’s diet, medication, and routine so your pup receives everything that it needs. Interested? Contact us now and find out why we are a five-star service!

We hope the information above has helped you make an informed decision about whether a staycation is the right choice for your pup. Regardless of what you choose to do, we wish you and your pup a great holiday!