We all love our dogs and care for them so they are happy and well looked after, but when moving home it can be a stressful time for your dog.  Here are PetStay’s top 10 tips in making it a stress-free time for our pooches.

  1. Visit before:

If possible, with the owners or the building company try to organise to go visit the new home with your dog, so they are familiar with their new surroundings. Dogs remember, so make it feel a happy place for them to visit.

  1. Moving Day:

Moving day is here and there will be lots of upheaval so we suggest you ask a friend or doggy day care to look after your dog so you know they are safe and away from noise and open doors.

  1. Introducing the New Home:

When taking your dog into the new home, do it with care and let everyone welcome them in, take them around the house and into the garden, they will need to have a good sniffing out period.   Who lives next door? Is there a cat or another dog?

  1. Bedding:

Your pup’s bed, blankets and/or pillows are an important to your dog so don’t wash them as the familiar scent of their old home will help your pooch settle into their new home.  If you dog sleeps in the kitchen then place their bed in the nearest position that they usually have, any toys they like near them.

  1. Feeding:

Again, it’s best to have all their usual feeding and water bowls in their normal places, try not to move them to a strange place. Keep to your dog’s regular diet, whether it’s raw food or brand wet and dry food, their feeding routine should be followed to ensure your dog settles and there are no upset tummies caused by the changes.

  1. Routines:

Keeping to their routines are always important to a dog, so try and keep to his normal walks and times.  The neighbourhood will be new to them, so use various routes so they become familiar to them, they soon know where that black cat lives.

      7. Family:

Good idea is to invite your family or friends around that he knows, it will give them confidence that everyone is still around.

      8. Changes:

Don’t forget to change their dog tags to the new address and their details on the microchip register.

      9. Vet:

If you have moved out of the area you may have to register with a new vet, keeping the same vet is the best solution but it maybe too far to travel.

  1. No Stress:

If you keep to our top tips the move for your dog should go as smoothly as possible and then they can start enjoying their new home and surroundings knowing they feel loved and cared for just like before.    Happy House Move..

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