Working from home is a great way for business owners and freelancers to lower overheads costs. While working from home can be a convenience, it can also be distracting especially if you have a demanding pup!

At PetStay, our business model allows for flexible homeworking, meaning lower overheads and a better work-life balance for our franchisees. We know dogs can demand attention at inconvenient times and the postman always manages to come by while you’re on the phone!

Here are our top tips to help you and your dog manage a working day without any office bust-ups!

Dog Walks

A tired dog is a quiet and happy dog! Before you start on your paperwork head out with your pup for a morning walk. A 30-minute walk or more is a great way for both of you to start the day. Allow your dog to sniff around as this will help tire them out mentally as well as physically. If you head out at the same time every day, your dog will soon get into a routine of a walk then bed.

Frozen Treats and Puzzle Toys

If you struggle to keep your dog quiet during conference calls, try a treat that will last! There are plenty of frozen treat and toy ideas on sites like Pinterest, or fillable toys that will keep your pooch preoccupied while you are on the phone.

Lunchtime Games

Remember to take a break for yourself during lunch. It’s easier to skip lunch or eat at your desk when you’re at home but remember to take some time for yourself. Head into the garden and play with your dog or go on a quick walk. This chill-out time gives you a break from a computer screen and offers more time to bond with your pet.

Want to work from home and be your own boss? PetStay has franchise opportunities across the UK to help you start your own dog care or wedding chaperone business with the support and experience of a franchisor.

To find out more about our franchise opportunities email for a prospectus.