How are your carers vetted?

Each carer must be a genuine dog lover, experienced in dog care and at home during the day. The carers are first interviewed in their own home with a detailed application form being filled out. We make sure they have a secure garden and go through the written training and our dog sitting guideline with them. If after that we feel they match our criteria and we would be happy leaving our own dogs with them, then we would follow up references, insure them and they would then apply for their home boarding licence.

Will my dog be the only one staying with the carer?

Yes, we provide a one-to-one service. No other dog/s will be taken from another household. If you have two or three dogs then the carer would look after them together. Carers are only allowed to care for up to three dogs and they must all be from the same household.

What will I have to take with me when I drop my dog/s off?

You will take all your dog’s food, treats, bedding, toys, medication, leads, vaccination certificate and anything that you think will make your dog feel more at home.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

Yes your dog must have up to date vaccinations (some areas may require kennel cough so please check with your local branch) have been wormed and treated for fleas. Proof of vaccinations will be required and you will be asked to take the vaccination card to your meeting.

What about my dog’s walking routine?

All dogs will be taken out for walks each day and you will discuss your dog’s normal routine at your meeting with the carer. Your dog will only ever be exercised on the lead. Dogs will wear a PetStay dog tag with their carer’s contact details.

What if my dog is ill while I’m away?

We would endeavour to contact you or your emergency contact. On your booking form we ask for an emergency contact and your vet’s details. In the unlikely event of your dog becoming ill, we or your emergency contact would take him/her to your vets or in an emergency to the carer’s vets.

What about puppies?

PetStay will take puppies and young dogs above the age of six months at the time of the stay.

What happens next?

Please ring or email to give us details about your dog, and then we will match your dog/s to one of our carers and set up a meeting. If after this you are 100% happy with your pet boarding arrangements then the next step is to fill in our booking form and return it with your booking fee. Once we have received your signed booking form and booking fee we will confirm your booking in writing or by email. If you’re planning a holiday and looking for a holiday home for your dog then we suggest you book as soon as possible as we are always very busy.

PetStay Home Dog Boarding