Home Dog Boarding
Home Dog Boarding
in Oxfordshire
We are the alternative to kennels in Banbury, Bicester,
Chipping Norton, Woodstock, Kidlington, Witney, Oxford,
Abingdon, Didcot and the surrounding areas.
Your local PetStay branch
Home Dog Boarding in Oxfordshire
We are a loving alternative to kennels in Banbury, Bicester, Chipping Norton, Woodstock, Kidlington, Witney, Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot and the surrounding areas.

Tel: 073055 33915

PetStay Oxfordshire Branch

☎ – 07305 533915

E – alex@petstay.net

Hello – my name is Alex. My lovely Golden Retriever, Ruby, and I own the Oxfordshire branch of PetStay. We live in Oxford with family. I understand that if you can’t take your dogs on holiday with you, then finding the right person to look after your four-legged friends can be very difficult. Ruby and I spend our time sniffing out just the right sort of people who love dogs (Ruby really can tell!) and who will welcome your furry family members into their own homes to care for them in just the way that you want them to. Ruby will check that the garden is safe and secure and inspect the local daily dog walk so that you can be sure that your dog will get the fresh air and exercise that they need during their holiday, so that you can get on and enjoy yours.

Why choose Petstay Oxfordshire?

Petsay Oxfordshire covers the whole county and my business is finding your pets the best carers in the area. I know from experience that finding Ruby the right place to stay when we go away is incredibly stressful and that kennel boarding just isn’t for her. All dogs have their own little quirks and personalities and I try my best to match them with host families that are best able to deal with them so that you can know that all the sleeping, eating, grooming, training and exercise routines that you have carefully set up at home can be kept whilst you are away. It is also our policy to never mix dogs with those from other families – so that your dogs will be able to get exclusive love, care and attention from their hosts. Some of my host families do have a friendly dog who is happy to welcome friends over for a holiday – if this is something that your fur family would like, I will arrange a play date to make sure that everybody gets along well before you go. All our hosts meet the strict criteria set out by PetStay to give you peace of mind.

How it all works

Once you get it touch with me with the dates that you are planning to go away, I will go through a carefully crafted questionnaire to make sure that I capture all your requirements and concerns and specific instructions and then I will match them to the right carers in our area who are available and able to take the booking. Next will follow a meet and greet where you can take along your dog(s) and make sure that everyone will be happy with the arrangement. From there on I will guide you through the booking process and give you a list of holiday essentials that you will need to pack for your stay. If you would like to book a holiday or find out more, please do get in touch with me on the details below.

PetStay Oxfordshire

Becoming a PetStay carer

If you love dogs, are at home most of the day, have an escape proof garden, have access to a good dog walk near your house and would like to welcome dogs into your home – please get in touch. Ruby and I would be happy to come around for an informal meeting to discuss all the ins and outs of being a carer. Our carers get a lot of pleasure looking after their charges and it is a wonderful way to earn a bit of pocket money too. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch!

Alex – PetStay Oxfordshire.

Contact Details

To find out more or to arrange a visit to one of our carers in the Oxfordshire area, please get in touch using the details below.


Tel: 07305 533915

Email: alex@petstay.net


Licence Number  20/00356/ABE  20473

Areas coveredWe cover the whole of OX postcode area including:

Banbury, Bicester, Chipping Norton, Woodstock, Kidlington, Witney, Oxford, Thame, Watlington, Burford, Carterton, Bampton, Chinnor, Abingdon, Wantage, Didcot, Wallingford

Have you ever wished there was a more home from home alternative to leaving your dog in kennels? We have the perfect solution, a dog home boarding service in Oxfordshire

At PetStay, we’ve carefully selected safe, loving companions who will care for your dog whilst you are either away on holiday or not able to care for them temporarily yourself whatever the reason. Our dog home boarders within the Oxfordshire area are all fully vetted and insured. We carefully match your dog with the right carer to ensure that they have the best possible experience. They won’t miss out on any of their home comforts and routines because our carers follow your routines and requirements. Research has proven that this results in a much happier, less stressful alternative to kennels. PetStay Oxfordshire is licensed and insured to care for your dog.

Here at PetStay Oxfordshire the dog home boarding service is outstanding. It offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your dogs are happy and settled whilst you are away. Some of the areas we cover are Banbury, Chipping Norton Bicester, Chipping Norton, Woodstock, Kidlington, Witney, Oxford, Thame, Watlington, Burford, Carterton, Bampton, Chinnor, Abingdon, Wantage, Didcot, Wallingford and surrounding areas.

Since 2005 PetStay have gained an excellent reputation for providing dog home boarding services second to none. Our guidelines will ensure that your dog is left in the most trusted, loving hands possible and we are rapidly becoming the most recommended alternative to kennels in the region, so if you would like peace of mind and a 5 star bespoke service for your family dog whilst you’re away, give PetStay a call on 01865 818199 or 074225 19166.

Home Boarding for Dogs

Home Dog Boarding

  • Exclusive service for your dog/s, we do not mix different dogs together
  • Meet your carer before you book
  • Kinder and less stressful for your dog
  • All routines kept
  • Your dog/s stay in one of our loving carers homes
  • We don’t walk your dog/s off the lead
  • Carers are fully insured and vetted
  • We are recommended by vets and our many, many customers

Our Prices* (Please see below)

1 Dog £30.00 a day
2 Dogs £40.00 a day
3 Dogs £50.00 a day

Prices above are per day, or part thereof, except Bank Holidays. For more information regarding those rates, please contact us.

A portion of the Daily Rates as shown above is taken as the arrangement fee when you confirm your booking and is not transferrable or refundable.  The remainder of the daily rate fee is paid directly to your carer when you drop off.

Here are the few simple stages of booking with PetStay.

1st: Ring or email your local branch to discuss your dogs requirements and dates.
2nd: We will explain all about PetStay and what your next steps would be.
3rd: We then take all details about your dog and then match them to the most suitable carer.
4th: A meeting will be organised for you and your dog to meet the carer.
5th: If you are 100% happy with your carer you would then be ready to book with PetStay.
6th: No later than 5 days after your initial meeting, complete our on-line booking form and pay the arrangement fee.
7th: An email confirmation will be sent to you.
8th: You’re all booked in and don’t have to worry about anything.
9th: Drop your dog off at the carer’s home with food, a bed, toys, and anything else you think they might need.,
10th: Go away with complete peace of mind and have a wonderful holiday.


*PetStay Arrangement Fee

Our daily rate is made up of the Arrangement Fee and the Carer’s Allowance.  These are 2 separate payments but make up the Daily rate as shown above.  The Arrangement Fee is a payment to arrange and confirm the booking of your dog’s stay, and is due for payment within 5 days of meeting your dog carer and is payable to PetStay Oxford.  For a repeat booking the Arrangement Fee is payable within 5 days of your requested dates being confirmed by PetStay.

The Arrangement Fee is non-refundable or non- transferable

The Arrangement Fee is for the service provided by your local PetStay branch in selecting a suitably matched dog carer for you and your dog.  The Arrangement Fee also represents a proportion of all the administration and ongoing business costs, including but not limited to, Public Liability and Employer Liability insurance, licensing, recruitment of carers, advertising, 24/7 support to carers, and business documentation giving you peace of mind and your dog a quality home dog boarding experience with PetStay.

The Dog Carer’s Allowance

The Carer’s Allowance is paid direct to the dog carer when you drop your dog off, and is included in the Daily Rates as above.

Become a PetStay Dog Carer

If you’re a dog lover and would like to start a new hobby caring for dogs in your own home, we could have the opportunity for you!

Our home boarding dog carers are dedicated dog lovers who have the time to spend with our fantastic guest dogs, but may not be able to take on the full-time responsibility of a dog. Whether you’re unable to take on the full-time commitment of a pet or you’d like to have a friend for your own dog, PetStay can match you with the perfect guest dog to suit your lifestyle!

We do all the hard work! Don’t worry about bookings as we will take care of them. We think it’s important for you to concentrate on all the fun of caring for a guest dog. You can enjoy your daily dose of dog walking! As a PetStay dog carer, you will be covered by our licence and insurance meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of dog sitting our wonderful guest dogs without the headache of running a business!

Please call Alex for more information and an informal chat

Carers Walking Dog

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a PetStay Carer

What are the requirements of becoming a carer?

You must be a genuine dog lover, have experience of looking after dogs and you need to be home during the day so you have plenty of time to give to the dogs you are caring for. You must have a secure garden and agree to abide by PetStay guidelines. You are allowed to have a dog of your own as long as your dog gets on with other dogs.

How are your carers vetted?

If you meet all the requirements listed above, we will come and visit you at your home. We will check the security of the garden, explain PetStay procedures and show you the guidelines each carer needs to follow. If you are happy with everything and we feel you would make a suitable PetStay carer, we would follow up a reference and arrange public liability insurance for you.

How many dogs can I look after?

Our service is on a one-to-one basis, so only dogs from the same household will stay with you. You are allowed to take up to three dogs from the same household, BUT you choose what you are happy with. We will ask you how many dogs you would like to look after and what sized dog/s you would be happy to care for.

Do I have to provide the food?

No, the owner will bring any food or treats for the duration of the stay. Any toys, bedding, medication and leads will also be brought.

Does the dog/s have to be vaccinated?

Yes each dog MUST have up to date vaccinations, have been wormed and treated for fleas. Proof of the vaccinations will be brought to the meeting and shown to you.

What about walking the dogs?

All dogs should be taken out each day for walks. When you have your meeting with the owners all routines, including the number and length of walks, will be discussed. The dog is only ever walked on a lead.

What if the dog becomes ill?

We/you would endeavour to contact the owner or the emergency contact. The owner or the emergency contact would be liable for any expenses incurred in taking the dog to the vet.

Will I be paid?

You will receive a daily allowance starting from £16.50 per day.

What happens next?

If you are interested in becoming a carer, please ring us for an informal chat and ask any questions or email us with your details and we will come back to you. You can also use the contact form on the ‘contact us’ tab. If we feel you are suitable we would then arrange to visit you at home.

Apply to be a carer

Please fill in the details below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Reviews

We’ve found pet stays for our young energetic Collie cross through Alex at PetStay Oxfordshire a few times now. We are reassured that Alex checks the carers suitability really carefully and find great matches for our precious pup! I get the feeling that she comes home thoroughly spoilt, but carers also seem attentive to sticking to routine etc. Evie now has Auntie Bethan, Auntie Sue, Uncle Tony and Uncle Ian who she loves very much! Would thoroughly recommend. – Get signed up with plenty of time before your holiday as the carers are always busy!



February 2024


PetStay Oxfordshire (Alex) and our carer (Norah) provided a superb service overall – not only great care for our dog and ample ‘progress reports’ during our time away, but also confident system-assurance of continuity of care, e.g. in the event of need for backup. Peace-of-mind achieved!



January 2024

We have been using PetStay for over two years now. I cannot recommend highly enough. It really feels like our dog gets his own holiday and enjoys his time with his foster parents! The host is always really flexible and a few times we have been stuck with flight delays etc and it’s never been an issue. It’s so reassuring when this happens that it’s not another thing to worry about.



January 2024


Thanks to Alex my 4 month old puppy was able to have a lovely time staying with Bobbie whilst I went on holiday with my daughter. It was lovely to receive updates and a photo during the stay and see that Topsy was having a good time. All thanks to Bobbie being willing to give my puppy a lovely home from home. I think maybe Bobbie will need a holiday now as Topsy is still an active puppy. My only concern was that Topsy might not want to come home after such a good time but happily she still loves me too.



November 2023


This is our first experience with PetStay and we’re really impressed.

Alex took the time to really understand Dexter and his needs, everything was really efficient and our match with Tony worked really well. Dexter had a great time with Tony, Ian and the girls and we felt very confident that he was being well looked after while we were away.

I’ll be in touch for more stays soon 😊




October 2023


I have used the services of Alex at PetStay for a number of years now, she always picks the right people for our dog and she is always looked after so well. Rusty is a big fan of PetStay! Thanks very much Alex and Gloria



October 2023



Alex very enthusiastic, friendly and professional when matching Rudy to sitters who took great care of our boy while we were away. Jessica gave us lots of reassurance and regular updates on Rudy, adhered to his routine and was very professional and caring. I would have no hesitation in recommending PetStay.



September 2023

Minty and ReggieReggie and Minty

Reggie and Minty had a wonderful time with Nikki and it was lovely to have them so relaxed when I got home.

Kindest regards



September 2023


I want to say how lovely Jenny is (and her partner, Chris, who I’ve met) and what a wonderful job she did in looking after Charlie.  I can’t praise her enough.  I would not hesitate to board Charlie again with her.  A real home from home.



April 2023


Many thanks to Tatiana and husband Mike for the love and care Clemmie received while we were away.  She was treated as a member of their family, while we were able to visit family in Australia for 4 weeks.  We would not have been able to travel without the knowledge that she would be cared for and loved unconditionally.  We would definitely use Tatiana again if required.
Neil and Sue.


November 2022


We were extremely impressed by the entire service we received from PetStay.

Hattie, our one-year-old labradoodle had a wonderful time with Amanda, and I felt as confident as I possibly could leaving Hattie with someone for the first time. Amanda was very flexible with drop off and pick up arrangements to accommodate last minute unexpected changes to our travel arrangements. She was very responsive to Hattie’s needs, and it was clear she genuinely enjoyed the time Hattie spent with her. It was only Hattie’s second time staying away from home (first time with a family member she knew well). She settled in easily and seemed to have a wonderful time, plenty of walks, play and new experiences! Amanda kept in touch with us while we were away and updated us with photos which was lovely. It is so reassuring to know there is someone we could happily leave Hattie with in the full confidence she will be professionally cared for with love when we are next away.

Alex was so helpful from our first contact and worked hard to find a placement that would be a good match for Hattie despite relatively short notice for the busy summer period. It is clear that dogs’ well-being is paramount in the whole process.



September 2022


Darcy had a wonderful time with Amanda, she was so well looked after and had lots of fun, she didn’t want to come home! Darcy is looking forward to her next stay with Amanda already.



June 2022


We used PetStay for our 7 year old Goldendoodle Daisy. She had a marvellous time at Nikki’s house and playing with Coco. Nikki was lovely, calm, and clearly loves dogs. It was easy to arrange a drop off and pick up time. So pleased Daisy had such loving care while we were away.



April 2022



I have always used PetStay for my dog from when he was puppy. Alex is amazing and very helpful. I was so glad to find someone who I can trust with my dog. It was my first time leaving him overnight for few days. But Maureen looked after him really well and managed to settle him well on his stay. I would definitely recommend PetStay and will hundred percent use Muareen’s help in the future.


Sep 2021


I have left my dog Smeegle in the capable hands of the PetStay carers in Oxford several times. Alex, who is the local PetStay coordinator, always makes sure that he stays with the best possible carer for Smeegle’s needs. A few weeks ago, Smeegle stayed with Julia for five days, with lots of walks and loving snuggles. Smeegle definitely had a great time. I should add that Alex knows the carers very well, and keeps in touch with them during the dog’s stay in case anything is needed – Smeegle had surgery not long ago and both Alex and Julia made sure that he was safe and comfortable. I would really recommend PetStay Oxfordshire!


Sep 2021


Chewie had his holiday with Sue, who was amazing and I think they both got on very well. I think Chewie has been spoilt rotten. Alex was great – managed to pair us up with Sue and it was very reassuring. First time using PetStay and would highly recommend. We even got a picture half way through the week to let us know how Chewie was getting



Sep 2021


I used PetStay for the first time this week and it was a fabulous experience in every way.
Alex the local coordinator bent over backwards to source the appropriate carer for my dog at very short notice. The admin is a bit tedious, and you have to do it twice, once for PetStay and again for the carer, but once that’s done it’s easy.
The carer, Julie, was delightful. Warm, kind, approachable, empathic and easy going. She’s a dog lover through and through and I think Pepper was spoiled rotten during his stay! She fitted in with all his usual routines, and when I picked him up he’d been bathed and groomed and looked gorgeous!
I have no hesitation in recommending PetStay and Julie the carer, and will definitely use them again.



August 2021

Recently I needed to get care for my two golden retrievers at short notice, so contacted Alex at PetStay in Oxford. They stayed with Julie, an experienced pet mum, who looked after them brilliantly. Including giving regular medicines to one of them. I can highly recommend both Alex and Julie.



August 2021

We were caught short of someone to look after Monty while we went to a wedding last month but PetStay came to the rescue! Alex was amazing and went above and beyond to find somewhere for him to stay last minute. Monty had the best time staying with Amanda and her lovely family and clearly enjoyed every minute of his time with them. It was his first time away and we could not have been happier with the outcome. He will definitely be back to stay.



August 2021


Picked up Pep this afternoon.  She was so so happy with Sue and is in great condition. Clearly very well cared for and loved !

So grateful- first time we have left her for 2 weeks for a long time . A much needed holiday and recoup for us. Can’t thank Alex and Sue enough!

Nick & Ruth


July 2021


Huge thanks to Alex who arranged Dilly’s stay with Liz and Nigel, and their dog, Billy. Dilly had a wonderful time and I did too, with reassuring photos and messages showing that she’d made herself very much at home! Thanks again



June 2021


Jess & HoneyJess & Honey

We were so pleased with how Jess and Honey were when we picked them up, so much so, it looked like Honey didn’t want to leave ;), our garden has no shade but sun all day so both dogs will only go out for short periods but they absolutely loved Amanda’s garden with lots of shade. We received photos as well so this really put us at ease…we’re extremely happy with the service, hence why we’re booking again.



June 2021




We were looking for a ‘home from home’ for our dog Fleure. Alex couldn’t have been more helpful finding the right match – despite the very short notice. Steve was amazing from start to finish. He provided a lovely home for our very bouncy pup – more like a luxury stay – she was treated like a princess. Steve sent us regular updates on WhatsApp of the lovely time she was having – it was very reassuring given that it was her first time away from us. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the service – thank you so much Steve and Alex.

January 2019

Bandit & Barney

Petstay Oxford have looked after our two corgis on two separate occasions. The dogs are so well looked after I have no hesitation in making further bookings. The needs of the dogs are central to the Petstay Oxford service which gives me complete confidence when I am away. The organisation of the dog sitting is very efficient and comprehensive questionnaires mean the dogs have an ‘at home’ experience as much as possible. Plus lots of love and walks!

November 2019

Barney & Tayce

This was the first time we had used PetStay and I was very impressed with my dogs carers Tacye and Georgie. While Barney was staying with them he was unwell and needed vet treatment. Due to previous issues, Barney is not the easiest dog to get to a vet, but they coped very well and made sure I was updated at every step! By the time I returned he had settled in and seemed very happy with them. I would definitely recommend them and will use PetStay again.

October 2019


We had to find a dog stay place at very short notice and we feel so lucky to have discovered Alex and Steve in Oxford. From the start, they struck me as sensible, well organised and kind. Booking was very straightforward and I was reassured to see they wanted to check the dog would fit in at Steve’s house – and of course she did! Steve sent photos while we were on holiday which showed a happy, relaxed dog – that meant we were able to enjoy our holiday. We came back to find a very content animal. Thanks so much to Alex and Steve: we will definitely book again.

July 2019

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