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Home Dog Boarding in Newcastle,
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We are the alternative to kennels in Newcastle upon Tyne,
North Tyneside & South Northumberland.
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Home Dog Boarding covering Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland
We are the alternative to kennels in Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland.

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PetStay Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland Branch

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E – leigh@petstay.net

Welcome to PetStay Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and South Northumberland, a branch of the national dog home boarding service. My name is Leigh and I’m here to help North East dog owners find a loving and caring alternative to kennels – ensuring your dogs have a great holiday as well as yourselves!

I live in North Tyneside with my family and our 2 much loved Terriers, Riley the Wire Fox and Aida the Airedale. We’ve owned both our dogs from being puppies and they are a very important part of our family. We want them to be happy, healthy and have fun, especially when we are apart from them. We could never leave our dogs in kennels as it would be too traumatic and distressing for them and us. I know that many dog owners feel the same and so PetStay is the perfect alternative, offering a bespoke home dog boarding service for family dogs – a real home from home for them whilst you’re away.

Why Choose PetStay Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland

PetStay Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and South Northumberland covers the following postcodes: NE1 to NE7, NE12, NE13, NE15, NE18 to NE20, NE22 to NE30, NE61 to NE65.

You can rest assured that whilst you’re away, your dog or dogs are being well cared for and enjoying a great holiday of their own! You can tailor your dog’s holiday with PetStay, ensuring that routines like feeding, sleeping, exercising and anything else your dog enjoys is in place in their home from home.

Your dog or dogs will lap up lots of love and attention which is provided by our carers. They will be treated like one of the family in one of our carers’ homes, ensuring peace of mind for you and creature comforts for them!

My host families

All PetStay carers are handpicked ensuring that only the best are chosen. They are checked by me and comply with the latest regulations from DEFRA. PetStay are fully licensed and insured. You can be sure they are all experienced dog owners and all of them love dogs!

Some of my carers have their own friendly dogs, some do not, but will have owned a dog in the past. You can choose whether to board your dog alone or enjoy the company of a carer’s dog. We never board dogs from different families together, so the only the dogs at the carer’s home would be yours (and the carer’s dog – if you have chosen this option). To put your mind at rest a meeting is always set up beforehand to give you and your dogs the opportunity to visit their holiday home and meet the carers. I know how important it is to know where, and with whom, your dogs are staying.

You will (if you wish) receive plenty of updates from the carers whilst you are away – photographs and texts from your dogs – again giving you peace of mind that they are having a wonderful time!

PetStay Newcastle - Home Dog Boarding

How it Works

I take great care in getting to know you and your dog(s) before you chose to home board with PetStay. This allows me to match them to the perfect carer. I will guide you through the booking process and provide you with a “holiday list” to ensure your dog(s) arrive at their carer with everything they need.

If you would like to book with PetStay Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and South Northumberland or find out more about our service please get in touch via the phone number or email below. I look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the very best dog home boarding in the North East.

Becoming a carer

If you would like to become part of my PetStay team and be one of my fantastic carers I would love to hear from you. It’s the perfect alternative to full time pet ownership or can provide a playmate for your own dog! You will receive a daily allowance for home boarding someone else’s family dog.

All that is necessary is that you have experience in looking after dogs, are at home during the day, have no children under the age of 7 and have a secure garden. Please get in touch via the phone number or email below.

Leigh, PetStay Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and South Northumberland

Contact Details

To find out more or to arrange a visit to one of our carers in the Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland area, please get in touch using the details below.


The Good Dog Guide

Tel: 07756 145538

Email: leigh@petstay.net

Licence Number: Newcastle Licence 4  Northumberland Council NAB/213  North Tyneside Council 19/0390/ANIMAL

Dog First Aid Certificate

Areas coveredWe cover Newcastle, North Tyneside & South Northumberland area, including the following postcodes:

NE1 to NE7, NE12, NE13, NE15, NE18, NE19, NE20, NE22- NE30, NE61 to NE65

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Bedlington, Blyth, Whitley Bay, Wallsend, North Shields, Morpeth, Choppington, Ashington & Cramlington.

Why not avoid the stress your dog faces in kennels and give them an experience of a lifetime with a loving PetStay dog carer in Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland.

Home dog boarding and pet sitting services in Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland

Here at PetStay we have hand-picked all of our carers to ensure that your dog will have the best care possible whilst you’re away on holiday, whether it be for a weekend or two weeks. We are the largest dog sitting service in the Newcastle area. PetStay offer a first class alternative to dog kennels – so you can be rest assured that your dog will be left in loving hands.

At PetStay Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland we are committed to providing a service vastly different from that of dog kennels. Your dog will remain with the same caring pet sitter for the whole duration you are away and they’ll receive the same treatment they would normally get at home… attention, feeding and walking times – ensuring that dog sitting in the Newcastle area is a far better experience than dog kennels.

Over recent years PetStay have gained an excellent reputation for providing pets with a service second to none. We have become known as the local pet sitters in Newcastle and the surrounding areas.

Our guidelines will ensure that your dog is left in the most trusted, loving hands possible and we are recommended across the Newcastle, North Tyneside & South Northumberland area, so if you would like peace of mind whilst you’re away on holiday give PetStay a call.

Home Boarding for Dogs

Home Dog Boarding

  • Exclusive service for your dog/s, we do not mix different dogs together
  • Meet your carer before you book
  • Kinder and less stressful for your dog
  • All routines kept
  • Your dog/s stay in one of our loving carers homes
  • We don’t walk your dog/s off the leadl
  • Carers are fully insured and vetted
  • We are recommended by vets and our many, many customers

Our Prices* (Please see below)

1 Dog £25.00 a day
2 Dogs £36.00 a day
3 Dogs £47.00 a day

Prices above are per day, or part thereof, except Bank Holidays. For more information regarding those rates, please contact us.

Here are the few simple stages of booking with PetStay.

1st: Ring or email your local branch to discuss your dogs requirements and dates.
2nd: We will explain all about PetStay and what your next steps would be.
3rd: We then take all details about your dog and then match them to the most suitable carer.
4th: A meeting will be organised for you and your dog to meet the carer.
5th: If you are 100% happy with your carer you would then be ready to book with PetStay.
6th: No later than 5 days after your initial meeting, complete our on-line booking form and pay the arrangement fee.
7th: An email confirmation will be sent to you.
8th: You’re all booked in and don’t have to worry about anything.
9th: Drop your dog off at the carer’s home with food, a bed, toys, and anything else you think they might need.
10th: Go away with complete peace of mind and have a wonderful holiday.


*PetStay Arrangement Fee

Our daily rate is made up of the Arrangement Fee and the Carer’s Allowance.  These are 2 separate payments.  The Arrangement Fee is a payment to arrange and confirm the booking of your dog’s stay, and is due for payment within 5 days of meeting your dog carer.  For a repeat booking the Arrangement Fee is payable within 5 days of your requested dates being confirmed by PetStay.

The Arrangement Fee is non-refundable or non- transferable

The Arrangement Fee is for the service provided by your local PetStay branch in selecting a suitably matched dog carer for you and your dog.  The Arrangement Fee also represents a proportion of all the administration and ongoing business costs, including but not limited to, Public Liability and Employer Liability insurance, licensing, recruitment of carers, advertising, 24/7 support to carers, and business documentation giving you peace of mind and your dog a quality home dog boarding experience with PetStay.

The Dog Carer’s Allowance

The Carer’s Allowance is paid direct to the dog carer when you drop your dog off

Keep Healthy, Become a PetStay Dog Carer!

If you love dogs and want to offer a temporary home for guest dogs that fits around your lifestyle then why not become one of our many dog carers for the PetStay Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside & South Northumberland area. All you need is a passion for dogs, a secure garden and to be home during the day with no children under the age of 7. You can enjoy your daily dose of dog walking! Please call Leigh for a friendly and informal chat.

Carers Walking Dog

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a PetStay Carer

What are the requirements of becoming a carer?

You must be a genuine dog lover, have experience of looking after dogs and you need to be home during the day so you have plenty of time to give to the dogs you are caring for. You must have a secure garden and agree to abide by PetStay guidelines. You are allowed to have a dog of your own as long as your dog gets on with other dogs.

How are your carers vetted?

If you meet all the requirements listed above, we will come and visit you at your home. We will check the security of the garden, explain PetStay procedures and show you the guidelines each carer needs to follow. If you are happy with everything and we feel you would make a suitable PetStay carer, we would follow up a reference and arrange public liability insurance for you.

How many dogs can I look after?

Our service is on a one-to-one basis, so only dogs from the same household will stay with you. You are allowed to take up to three dogs from the same household, BUT you choose what you are happy with. We will ask you how many dogs you would like to look after and what sized dog/s you would be happy to care for.

Do I have to provide the food?

No, the owner will bring any food or treats for the duration of the stay. Any toys, bedding, medication and leads will also be brought.

Does the dog/s have to be vaccinated?

Yes each dog MUST have up to date vaccinations, have been wormed and treated for fleas. Proof of the vaccinations will be brought to the meeting and shown to you.

What about walking the dogs?

All dogs should be taken out each day for walks. When you have your meeting with the owners all routines, including the number and length of walks, will be discussed. The dog is only ever walked on a lead.

What if the dog becomes ill?

We/you would endeavour to contact the owner or the emergency contact. The owner or the emergency contact would be liable for any expenses incurred in taking the dog to the vet.

Will I be paid?

You will receive a daily allowance starting from £14.00 per day.

What happens next?

If you are interested in becoming a carer, please ring us for an informal chat and ask any questions or email us with your details and we will come back to you. You can also use the contact form on the ‘contact us’ tab. If we feel you are suitable we would then arrange to visit you at home.

Apply to be a carer

Please fill in the details below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Reviews


Bo has just had his second holiday with Anne. It’s so reassuring to be able to go away and know that your dog is being cared for and treated as one of the family. Bo was so happy to be there, he didn’t seem to be very bothered about coming home with me when I picked him up!! Many thanks again.



October 2022

This was only the second time we’ve left our dog, Bailey so needless to say as a family we were worried about getting it wrong as he wasn’t happy after the first time. However, within minutes of the initial meet with Wendy, we knew he’d be fine. Wendy seemed ideal for him and the fact he had one to one during his stay would be fab. We hadn’t even left our home for the airport and updates were coming . By the time we boarded our plane, we had 3 photos which settled our nerves as he looked really happy. Upon collection he was the Bailey we knew and loved before we went on holiday and could see he had been spoilt rotten by Wendy, a genuine dog lover. I rate this service so much as the price was fine, that I’ve already enquired about our next break Thanks Leigh and Wendy



August 2022


Billy seemed to have a good time with Sheila and made himself at home, I’ve never left him before so needed someone who would make a fuss of him. He’s back home and has settled back into his routine. Thank you to Sheila and PetStay for all your help.



August 2022


Can’t recommend this service enough! Very professional and helpful booking service. Our lab stayed on a lovely farm with his pet stay carers and their own doggy. Thanks to their care and updates of our Jet, we had a nice relaxing break with no concerns for his care. Will definitely use again. Thanks to Leigh and this great business.



August 2022

Kerri and her family looked after my little Teddy while I went to Mexico, They were brilliant and Teddy seemed to have had a wonderful time. Kerry text me regularly with updates on Teddy and sent me pictures. Lovely family and will definitely use in the future.



July 2022

Very happy with all aspects of care ensuring that we enjoyed our holiday knowing that Cali was well looked after. Now just need to get that next holiday for us all booked in! Thanks Kerrie & family and Leigh.



July 2022


How lovely that we were able to go on our family holiday and leave our dog Charlie in the loving care of Julie through PetStay. Charlie had a fabulous time with Julie revelling in her 1 to 1 care. Thank u so much to everyone at PetStay.

Ms Whinham


July 2022


We boarded our 3.5 year old dog Luca for the first time for 2 weeks in June. We chose PetStay due to the positive reviews and were very impressed with the attention to detail from Leigh in matching our dog with the most suitable boarder. We met the lovely Helena some time before our holiday and immediately felt comfortable. It seemed that Luca had a fab holiday, we had daily WhatsApp updates and lovely photos, Helena was great. We will have no hesitation in using this team again, would certainly recommend.



July 2022


This was the first time our miniature Yorkshire Terrier stayed with her carer Julie. We had no need to worry as Lucy was fussed over with a lot of TLC and well looked after. Julie is a very capable and caring person and we would not only highly recommend her but will continue to use her in the future.


June 2022


This is the fourth time I have used PetStay and I can honestly say each time has been brilliant . Leigh matches you fantastically with the right sitter, and then you get to meet them and check all parties are happy before your pets stay. During your holiday you get pictures and updates on your dog and it truly makes your holiday . I could not recommend PetStay more highly , and best of all Ralph gets a holiday too!



June 2022



Our dog is reactive to other dogs, so I was a bit apprehensive about leaving him with someone who might not treat it as seriously as we do. I should not have worried, Carole was brilliant with him, took him out at quiet times when there were few dogs about and generally treated him as we would do. She gave us regular updates and we were relaxed and reassured that he was happy, relaxed and safe. Would we have him stay with her again? Absolutely – roll on October when she is free to have him again!! Thank you Carole



May 2022


Alfie & BoeAlfie & Boe

Would highly recommend PetStay, have been using them for a few years now and my dogs Alfie and Boe have always had great holidays with the sitters



May 2022

Bella and Lucy

Lucy and BellaBella and Lucy

First I’d like to give a huge thanks to Leigh at PetStay for organising the staycation for our two dogs Lucy and Bella. The whole process was easy and stress-less and we were more than impressed with it all from start to finish.

Leigh arranged for us to meet our carer three weeks before our due trip, it was only a short drive from where we live so very handy for us.  Our carer was Sheila, such a lovely down to earth friendly lady who welcomed us into her nice home, the dogs happily wandered about and took no time in making themselves at home.  We were sure they would be fine there.
We dropped them off at Sheila’s on the morning of our departure with all of their stuff and later that evening received a text from Sheila saying they had settled and were fine, it was a relief as they haven’t been left before for any length of time.
We arrived back from our trip after 4 days to collect them and found them happily playing around together in the lounge and looking happy and obviously enjoyed their stay.    We will definitely be booking our next stay for them with PetStay as we can’t praise them high enough.
Huge thanks to Sheila as she was brilliant with Lucy and Bella.
We would highly recommend  PetStay to anyone and it will not cost you a fortune for such a good service.

Many thanks,

Matthew and Maureen


May 2022


This was the first time that we had used PetStay to look after our cockapoo, Annie, and we would definitely do so again. Her carer, Carole, was brilliant and put our minds at rest and kept us updated as to what Annie had been doing so we were free to enjoy our holiday. When we collected her she was relaxed and happy. We are very happy with the service we received.



April 2022

Hi would just like to say a massive thanks to Kerrie, Mark & family for having Connie & Bella whilst we were away on holiday. This is about their 5th time with Kerrie now and we couldn’t be happier. They settle really quickly and hog their beds( little buggers) but we feel so happy they stay with such a lovely family who look after them so well. We feel so much better going away leaving them with their second family. Thanks again Kerrie, Mark and family.



April 2022

Excellent stay for Cali with Kerrie and family. She came home one happy, tired dog.



April 2022

I would thoroughly recommend PetStay. From contacting Leigh right through to the expert care my little Cavapoo received from her carer. We were able to meet our lovely carer in her home before our holiday too, which made all the difference. We have already rebooked for our next trip away. A very friendly and professional service, thank you PetStay.



April 2022


Wendy was fantastic! She and Arthur got on really well together and she kept us very well informed throughout his stay.



April 2022


Olive loved her stay with Wendy. It was great to get updates about what Olive had been up to that day and it was great how quickly Olive settled in. Wendy put my mind at ease and looked after Olive like she was her own.

Happy Customer


November 2021


Our first time using PetStay and couldn’t be happier with the service. We were kept informed by message and photos and Carole was a perfect carer for Harvey. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.



November 2021


This was the first time I’d used PetStay and, with a dog who can sometimes be reactive around new dogs, it was fair to say that I was a little nervous about leaving him. Carole however totally put my mind at rest and Milo loved saying with her. After an initial meet and greet he just sailed right in and looked completely at home and happy to be with Carole! I received regular updates and lovely photos of one very happy dog while we were away. Would definitely recommend!



October 2021


First time we have used PetStay. We were worried about leaving our 13 year old Cairn Terrier who is not used to being left. Wendy made ourselves and Daisy welcome and kept in touch throughout our holiday. Daisy did not want to leave. We would definitely use again.



September 2021


We used PetStay for the first time recently and we were delighted with the service from start to finish. A very friendly professional service who matched our dog to the best person for his needs. We received regular updates from Wendy our dog sitter and couldn’t have asked for a better person to care for our pet, we will definitely use PetStay again.


August 2021


Our 5 year old Jack Russell has just had another fantastic and fun stay with Julie. Julie is brilliant and treats Clowy like her own with lots of cuddles and walks and nothing is a problem. Julie loves dogs and works around your dogs likes and keeps in touch, which is so reassuring. We’ve already rebooked as Julie is so brilliant



August 2021


Gary is a nervous but affectionate boy, he can’t stay with other dogs but he adores people. He had a wonderful time with Helena, he was spoiled all week! He came home healthy and happy, and we had a great holiday knowing he was in safe hands.

Thank you PetStay



August 2021

Bella & Connie

Felt really comfortable leaving our two rescues with Carole communication was excellent and it was lovely watching our two girls enjoy their weekend as much as we did!! Photos and videos were great because our hounds were playing exactly the way they would at home!! excellent service couldn’t be better



July 2021

Gus & Wolfie

We were so pleased when one of PetStay’s carers was recommended to us to look after our two large German Shepherd dogs for a week. Kerrie and Mark (the carers) were lovely and genuinely loved dogs and Gus and Wolfie took to them very quickly. We were reassured by daily messages from Kerrie to say that all was well and that they were very settled and getting plenty of walks. They must have had a great time as they were knackered when we brought them home! Would highly recommend PetStay to give your much loved pet a home from home and give you peace of mind while you’re away.



July 2021

Our two dogs Connie and Bella have just had a trial run with Kerrie, Mark and family. They seemed to really enjoy their stay, nothing was too much trouble for them. It is such a relief to be able to leave them with lovely people and know they are being well looked after. Thank you Kerrie and Mark and family!


Happy Customer


March 2021


We recently had Ralph our border terrier looked after by Kerrie and her family , and we were delighted with the service . Ralph settled straight away , had lots of company , and Kerrie sent us messages on his progress while we were away , which made our holiday all the more enjoyable . I would thoroughly recommend this service to as my pet owners!


September 2020


I have just recently used PetStay and me and my partner couldn’t be more pleased with the service we received. From the moment I enquired about my dog Hugo, the communication Was great from Leigh. I was placed with Sharon and from the moment we had our meet and greet I knew it was with the right carer. She showed so much love towards Hugo. This was the first time we had left Hugo so I was very nervous but with lots of communication and pictures from Sharon I knew that he was happy and my nerves were soon eased. Thank you to PetStay and Sharon and her husband for the wonderful service and will definitely be using this service again.

Charmaine Sellen

August 2020


Having just returned from my first holiday without our dog, I just wanted to say a big thank you to Leigh, John and Shirley for taking such good care of Brodie while we were away. From the first initial enquiry through to being matched with John and Shirley and the care they provided, the communication has been excellent and I have been absolutely delighted with the service. We received regular photos and videos while we were away which gave us real peace of mind that Brodie was being well looked after and most of all that he was happy! It was lovely to see those tail wags! I wouldn’t hesitate to use PetStay again and it is very reassuring to know I can rest assured I don’t need to worry next time as I know he will be absolutely fine.


August 2020


We had only ever left our dog with family when travelling abroad so making the decision to use PetStay was a difficult one initially. We were getting married abroad and wanted to make sure our dog was well looked after. She can be quite nervous around people she doesn’t know and we were anxious about leaving her. However after speaking with PetStay we were immediately put at ease as they were so thorough, understanding and experienced in finding the right carers for her. We met Julie and John and they were fantastic with our dog. We now make sure to book in with them each time as we are confident our dog is well loved and cared for and we can enjoy our holiday without any worries. The regular updates, photos and videos help too. PetStay really are a fantastic company! Just booked again for next years holidays.



June 2020


Ray just left a new 5-star review of PetStay:
We’ve used PetStay for a few years now, with both Linda and Leigh. Always been a great service … quick to reply, great communication throughout every booking, helpful advice always to hand, flexible and accommodating over late diary changes … and our Labrador loves going off on his PetStay holidays with his ‘Auntie Sharon’  Would recommend them very highly.



June 2020

Harriet  just left a new 5-star review of  PetStay:

We’ve been very happy with PetStay . Our Labradors have always been well cared for and happy which means we are too. I like the fact that we can get to know the carers and that the organisers try to match us with people that the dogs know. Good service.



May 2020


Eddie had a very enjoyable five-star weekend with Helena from Petstay.
Helena is very calm, caring and practical – precisely the sort of person you feel happy to leave your dog with. She clearly loves dogs and her house is very spacious and dog-friendly, with an enclosed garden and loads of leafy dog-walking areas nearby.
Eddie had lots of varied walks during his stay, plus a trip to Belsay. He’s very fond of the countryside, so it was perfect for him. He had lots of cuddles and stimulation and enjoyed meeting a house guest from Brazil.
Helena took down detailed notes when we first met and I felt she was a very safe pair of hands when it came to his habits, quirks, medication and fussy eating.
He was also allowed to sleep in the bedroom, which is something not all dog boarders allow, so he felt very much at home.
He clearly sees Helena as a friend now, and I’d be very happy for him to return to her pooch boutique hotel any time.



March 2020



The lady Sharon was fantastic.. My husky is a breed many don’t want to look after but are beautiful dogs. Leigh really helped reassure me that my dog would have a good experience. I received messages and photos and was so well cared for I was worry free. Definitely contact Sharon again.



March 2020


My dog Bella has just had her first visit. I was a little apprehensive as it was a new experience for her. It was a huge success – Helena – was lovely updating me about her stay. It will not be the last time I use PetStay!



February 2020


Lynn and Dave were excellent with Freya . She is deaf so was extra work for them. Lynn even managed to teach her a few signs. She looked like she had eaten well and was happy. Being a rescue dog we only had her 6 months but she was fine. We would’nt hesitate to use your service again but obviously we would like Lynn and Dave to have her again. Fantastic service. We will be recommending yous to all our friends



February 2020

Sonny & Wilson

Absolutely brilliant, I can’t thank Helena enough and thank you PetStay for bringing her to us. Helena looked after my 2 boys fabulously and constantly kept us updated on their antics! I would definitely use PetStay again and hopefully Helena too.



January 2020



Absolutely brilliant experience.  Thank you Helena for looking after Heidi so well.  We were nervous about leaving her at first but that feeling quickly went away when we immediately started receiving photos and updates.  Heidi looked so happy on the photos and when we came to collect her, she was clearly very relaxed and had obviously had a fabulous time.  There was absolutely no need for us to worry about her.  I get the feeling Heidi has had a better holiday than we did!  Thank you so much and we look forward to Heidi’s next holiday with you.


December 2019


“Maxx had a lovely time with Lynn and Dave, and it was great to know he was with people who cared for him and genuinely enjoyed his company! We loved hearing about his adventures on his holiday and I’m sure he will be back when we go away in the future.”

North Shields
October 2019

Maddison & Hunter

“This was our first time using PetStay after being let down by our current arrangements. I was so anxious to the point of being sick but we went to see Julie for a visit before our holiday and she was so good with my babies I felt better. Any dog owner knows the guilt they feel when leaving their pets but if there is anyone out there that feels like me, you really don’t need to. Julie sent us pictures and messages daily and it was the picture of Maddison & Hunter on the bottom of the bed watching TV and a picture of John kissing Hunter that did it for me. BANG,,, I knew then that I had nothing to worry about and that they were having a better holiday than me, in fact, I think I’ll have my next holiday at Julie’s house. They looked so comfortable having the run of the house and Julie let Hunter carry her socks around(!). I was so afraid that they wouldn’t be loved while I was away but I need not have worried as they had plenty of attention. Booked for a big holiday in January and cannot thank Julie & John enough, friends for life.
Thank you and big licks Mamma J & Pappa J, love Maddison & Hunter, see you soon xxx”

North Shields
October 2019


“From our first contact with Linda we knew we had chosen the right people to take care of Norman, our 8 month old Bedlington Terrier puppy. We were matched with a lovely lady, Helena who we met prior to Norman’s stay. Helena took the time to get to know all about him and really put us at ease. Throughout his stay we were provided with some lovely photographs and updates on the adventures he was having and he looked to be thoroughly enjoying himself. It was evident that Helena was taking extremely good care of him, which made our night away much more enjoyable as we knew he was in very good hands. As this was the first time he had been away from home it was vital that we had confidence in the carer and the company and we can’t praise them both enough. Thanks again Helena and Linda and we’ll see you again.”

September 2019


Julie was fantastic, she went the extra mile to make sure ourselves and Poppy were settled. We were worried about leaving Poppy but we knew that Julie was caring and kind and would go the extra mile to make sure we were all ok. We’d never left Poppy with anyone before for so long but the frequent updates and excellent information we got from Julie gave us confidence.

September 2019

Bamboleo & Alfie

Bamboleo and Alfie had clearly loved their stay with Sharon and her lovely husband. I know they were happy and had had lots of cuddles. Sharon was very accommodating about times too. Very very happy with the whole process, the dogs are clearly the main concern.

September 2019


This is the first time I have used PetStay and it won’t be the last. The whole experience was very positive and I can’t praise Victoria enough. She sent photos of Loki’s holiday and he looked relaxed and happy. I would not hesitate to recommend PetStay to other dog owners.

Whitley Bay
September 2019


Linda at PetStay was a pleasure to speak to and a lifesaver in placing my Blue with the most amazing lady Helena. Blue has had the best time staying with Helena for a week and now he is home I am positive he is missing her so much! Throughout our holiday Helena provided us with regular updates and photographs and Blue he was well and truly treated like a VIP. He has been on wonderful walks and he was given a perfect home from home experience. He looked fit, healthy and extremely happy while in Helena’s care and we honestly can’t thank her enough for being so kind. A wonderful experience all round, highly recommend! Thank you PetStay!

South Shields
September 2019

This is the 2nd time we have used PetStay for our Westie Nessie and despite her being a little eccentric with some unusual habits this was not a problem for Sharon who looked after and cared for her for 9 days I cannot recommend PetStay highly enough and will definitely carry on using them in the future.

September 2019


Just to feedback how great Victoria was while we were away. Jet was obviously relaxed and happy. We received daily updates and pictures, communication was fantastic. He has come home in great condition and I suspect that he hardly noticed that we were gone. I wouldn’t hesitate to board Jet with Victoria again. In fact I think he’s already looking at his calendar….

September 2019


Our dog Jess had a happy time with Sheila who looked after her with great care and attention. PetStay were always very efficient in all their communications with us and I would highly recommend them.

August 2019


My gorgeous fur baby Bonnie has just come back from spending an action packed long weekend with Lynn and Dave. They showered her with love and affection, I received regular ‘postcards’ showing me what a great time Bonnie was having & that she was happy & well cared for…!!‘Home from Home’ is the way I’d describe it & Bonnie defo agrees.. I’d had no hesitation what so ever leaving Bonnie in their care & will be using PetStay again very soon.

August 2019


I saw an advert for PetStay on social media and was immediately drawn to the fact that they used people without dogs. We needed someone who would give my dog the undivided attention she was used to!!! We were so lucky to have her matched with a fab woman and her daughter who looked after her so well on our short holiday. Regular photos and contact put my mind at rest but weren’t intrusive! The coordinator, Linda, was very quick to respond to my queries and provide advice regarding vaccinations etc. Excellent service, worth every penny!

August 2019


The PetStay service from Linda was easy and professional. She matched our puppy Ted with Ruth who we met at her home. Ruth and her daughter were clearly dog lovers and nice people. Ted was comfortable with them immediately. I was happy to leave Ted with them and he had a great time on the beach every day (lots of photos to reassure us although we didn’t need any!). Thanks

August 2019

Riley & Aida

This is the first time we have used PetStay and we were extremely impressed by the professional but personal service from beginning to end. Our 2 dogs were homed with excellent sitters for almost 3 weeks and they enjoyed a great stay there. We were slightly apprehensive at the outset but our concerns were banished after meeting the sitters some time prior to us leaving the dogs for our summer holiday. Our dogs were placed with a lovely couple just a mile away from us so the dogs were still on familiar turf! We were supplied with regular Whatsapp messages about the dogs from the sitters which included photos and updates. It was clear that they love having dogs around and dedicate a lot of time to them while they’re in their care. We would definitely use PetStay again and have no hesitation in recommending it to friends and family.

August 2019


Rafa loved his stay with Julie and John. Julie regularly updated us with pictures of him, which gave us a peace of mind while we were on holiday. I definitely think he got lots of love and attention while he was there. I have no hesitation in recommending PetStay. We will definitely use PetStay again. Thank you again Julie and John.

August 2019


We just wanted to say thank you for arranging Hoshi’s visit we had a lovely week away and so did Hoshi.

We have used PetStay in the North East several times over the last couple of years and the have always had a great experience. This was the first time our dog Hoshi has stayed with Victoria though. When we went for our initial meeting Victoria let Hoshi have a look round her house and garden. She asked lots of questions about his likes and dislikes and asked to take him for walk nearby to see how they got on. I found Victoria very reassuring and accommodating to our needs. We received regular updates and photos whilst away which put my mind at ease. I think Hoshi had a great holiday himself . I would and do recommend PetStay it’s a great service.

West Allotment
July 2019


Tansy was well cared for by Kerrie and did not seem in a hurry to leave when I went to collect her! She had been allowed to sit on the settee to look out of the window – Tansy’s favourite pastime.

North Shields
July 2019


Hugo came from kennels so I was reluctant to leave him in kennels whilst away. I stumbled across PetStay, a welcome relief. Whilst I know Hugo missed his family he settled with Sharon very quickly. He got all the attention he deserved, was a little spoilt too lol. I’d have no hesitation in using PetStay again. They match pets with homes perfectly.

July 2019

Molly & Peanut

Ruth looked after my two puppies Molly and Peanut and she was excellent. The communication was very good and she kept us updated with regular pictures. The puppies had a great time and refused to come back! Ruth is a lovely lady and one can see she is really passionate and so loving towards dogs. Thank you so much for looking after them.

July 2019


Benjy, our Border Collie, recently stayed with Victoria for 11 days while we were on holiday. Victoria was amazing with him. She made us and Benjy feel very welcome and Benjy settled in her home very quickly. Victoria sent us updates and pictures every other day which made us feel happy to see Benjy so happy. This is the third time we have used this service and would highly recommend it to anyone. Linda, the manager, is very good and very quick at setting up meetings with the carer and ensures she matches your dog to the most appropriate carer. I highly recommend this service if you want your dog looked after as if you were with them.

North Shields
July 2019


Archie seemed to have had a great time with Kerrie and Mark. Apparently he was lounging all over their beds! Very Archie. We were absolutely delighted to have found Linda who placed us with Kerrie. Linda was very helpful asking lots of questions to find out all about Archie and the type of home that would suit him best. We adopted Archie last year from StrayAid and he is a lovely dog but as a young lurcher still very bouncy so we were looking to find the right place for him. We needn’t have worried when we met Kerrie she was so calm and so lovely we knew Archie would be in safe hands. Archie has just come back from 14 days with Kerrie and Mark and it was clear to us that he had had a lovely time and had been treated like one of the family. We are already planning our next holiday. We had never considered homeboarding before, our previous dog went to kennels but now we have we’re much happier knowing Archie is being looked after at home.

June 2019


I give 5 stars based more so on the fact my dog carers Lynne and Dave are genuinely lovely people who you can tell, just adore dogs. They sent me photos and messages every day to keep me informed of how Buddy’s holiday with them was going and I could see that not only was Buddy having a great time, they were too! I honestly could not have asked for a better holiday home for my little guy.

June 2019

Chester & Chico

Our boys, Chester and Chico recently stayed for their 4th visit at ‘auntie’ Julie and ‘uncle’ Johns whilst we were on a weeks holiday. They absolutely love staying as they are spoilt rotten and we feel so relaxed about leaving them for their holiday. Julie provides regular updates with photos and chat which is greatly appreciated when you are missing your babies! We would highly recommend using PetStay for a safe and comfortable home from home for your dogs.

Wendy & Martin
June 2019

I contacted Linda to find a home for Finn our 16 month rough collie while we were away on holiday. We were introduced to Kerrie who was perfect to look after him. The process was easy and hassle free. Any questions were answered. Have already booked Finn to stay with Kerrie for our next holiday.

May 2019


We recently went abroad to get married and everyone who would usually look after our dog was coming along so we were very nervous about leaving her with someone she didn’t know. However Linda immediately put us at ease by matching our dog with the best dog sitters based on the information we provided. Upon meeting Julie and John we were very impressed with how well they understood our dogs needs and the home from home service they would provide. They followed all of our routines at home and kept us updated daily. I could not recommend PetStay enough and were already looking for another holiday without worrying about her.

North Shields
May 2019


As others reviews have stated, I was very nervous about leaving 9 month old Pixie for the first time with people she didn’t know. I thought she might mope about but how wrong I was! With updates and photos from the fantastic Lynn and Dave it was obvious she had a brilliant time and was completely happy and settled. Have booked up for all our future hols with complete confidence in Linda and her team.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
May 2019

Winnie and Blaze

Highly recommend PetStay, left my furry family for the 1st time with someone other than my family so I was pretty anxious and nervous. I was put at ease straight away with the messages and pictures reassuring me they had settled great and were getting very well looked after, A huge thanks we will certainly be using you again.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
May 2019

Happy stay on the beach!
Can’t thank PetStay enough for finding Louise based on the beach to look after Arlo! Very easy to organise and book , and she didn’t want to come home she was that settled, great family to care for her and this is the 7th time I’ve used PetStay. Thank you so much to Louise and Linda we’ll be back soon!

April 2019


I have always struggled to find somewhere for Frankie to stay as he’s such a big softie who needs company. Louise was amazing with him and he was looked after like he was her own. I can not recommend Louise enough!

April 2019


After two terrible experiences with different kennels where my dogcame home ill with stress, we had just decided never to go on holiday abroad again and resigned ourselves to ten years plus of overpriced and underwhelming pet-friendly UK holidays. A work trip with nobody available to look after my ‘quirky’ Yorkie necessitated drastic action at short notice and a google search led me to Pet Stay. I was immediately put at ease by Linda who completely understood my dog’s funny little ways and told me she would try to find a suitable carer, without a dog of their own, who would be able to manage her. She pulled an absolute blinder with Sharon in Newcastle, who my dog (and I too) fell in love with straight away. I felt so at ease after our initial meeting and again, when I dropped my dog off with her when I left for my trip. My dog bounded up the path to Sharon’s house, straight in and made herself at home. Sharon let me know how they were doing while I was away and I slept through the night, both nights, whereas usually I’d be awake several times worrying and wondering whether my dog was cold or frightened. Sharon has been an absolute Godsend for all of us. I’m excited to book a summer holiday now – just need to check whether Sharon is free! Thank you so much PetStay! What an amazing service. Great for the dogs and great for the owners too!!

April 2019


We were absolutely delighted with Django’s stay with Claire;  she is the second wonderful Petstay carer you have recommended to us who has given him a home from home while we have had a relaxing holiday .  Anyone who is using kennels would be well advised to change to Petstay!

We were away for nearly 3 weeks and Claire delighted us with her pictures and videos of Django’s adventures and cosy times at her home – he obviously had a great time with lots of walks and attention-  he’s already booked in for his second stay in May.

A*, 10/10 for Claire and your organisation and back up at Petstay.

April 2019

Review Newcastle
Jasper & Carla

My two westies Jasper & Carla have just spent 5 days with the amazing Lynn & Dave. I can highly recommend them.   I’ve have booked them again. Thanks again

April 2019


Lynn & Dave were absolutely fantastic with our sick pup (post-op & secondary infection). Very experienced dog owners who put our minds at rest as it was our 1st time leaving him with anyone. Would recommend them to everyone. We’re booked in again in a month. Linda of Petstay was really helpful in prepping us for what you’ll need for your dog & walking us through the process. Very comfortable & reassuring xx

March 2019


“5 Star service from start to finish. Firstly Linda from Petstay emailed and rang me to find out exactly what we wanted for Meg our 9 year old Sharpei, our main thing was a dog free home, within a few days Linda got back with us and had matched us with Julie and John, what a perfect match that was. Meg was spoilt rotten, we were a little nervous as it was the first time she had been away from us since we sadly lost her sister Jet. Don’t know why we were worried, Meg went for a day visit first then she did a sleep over for two nights to see if she would settle, both visits went well. Julie sent pictures and updates of Meg it was like home from home for her. Meg was treat like a Princess. Cannot thank Julie and John enough, Meg has just come back from a two week stay happy and content.”

March 2019


“This was my first time booking with PetStay at a week short notice, I had booked Otto with another women at her home but was a little anxious to leave him as was just a Facebook set up page, no forms filled out maybe weren’t even vetted to watch animals or insured… Looking into Petstay amazing service & how they deal with the process off setting meetings up & forms being filled out for the company’s, myself & Ottos needs. Claire looked after my dog Otto, which was the first time I would have been away from him, he stayed for a week & I couldn’t have been more at ease after meet Claire & levaing Otto with her, had plenty of pictures sent to myself from Claire which put me at ease, walks at beach he had an amazing doggy holiday & couldn’t recommend enough… Look forward to next time”

February 2019


“Having used Petstay a few months ago, I did not hesitate in contacting them when we had arranged a short break away. The previous carers were not available so we were matched with new carers. Already familiar with the process, Nelson and I visited Louise and Paul prior to confirming the booking. They were very welcoming and keen to learn all about Nelson and his routines, habits, likes and dislikes – wanting to ensure that his stay was as “home from home” as possible. Nelson was very settled – and would have stayed there and then I’m sure!
During his stay Louise kept in touch with updates and pictures of Nelson – he clearly had the most fabulous time, particularly enjoying his evening blanket snuggles. Louise and Paul met every minute detail of Nelson’s needs. I can certainly recommend Petstay, who provide peace of mind to the owner and a loving, caring, home from home experience for our beloved pets!
Thank you Petstay – thank you Louise and Paull!”

North Shields
February 2019


“Gizmo was lucky enough to have a weekend break in a key costal location, with the new and fantastic Louise. Gizmo had 2 whole days of beach walks, snuggles and plenty of play time. I was comforted knowing the level of due diligence completed by Louise, as well as the updates on his staycation.  Would recommend the service consistently. Blown away by the professional and personal touch. Thank you”

January 2019


“Linda goes above and beyond to help match clients with suitable home boarders and we were very fortunate that she introduced us to Ruth. Our male black Labrador, Richard, loved Ruth at first sight and made himself at home as soon as he arrived. He enjoyed a park run and a beach walk during his stay and was very settled on Ruth’s rug when we went to collect him. Richard was clearly enjoying his holiday and was very reluctant to leave his comfy spot to return home :0) Ruth sent us regular updates on Richard and also the most beautiful handwritten card telling us all about the highlights of Richard’s stay. We would highly recommend PetStay to other owners looking for a home boarding service.”

January 2019


“Excellent service. Our dog Nina has never stayed at kennels and we know this would be very stressful for her as she is a family dog who is used to be close to people all the time. Having someone like Kathryn looking after her during the 3 days we were away allowed us to go on holiday with no concerns. We met Kathryn in advance, discussed all of Nina’s “quirks” and needs and felt absolute confidence on leaving Nina with her. We came back to find a happy doggy! ”

Whitley bay
December 2018


“My family have always previously looked after Nelson, a 6 year old Chihuahua, however due to a change of circumstances, I found myself worrying about who would care for Nelson during a short break away for the New Year celebrations. Nelson has never stayed in kennels, something I am not comfortable with, so I quickly googled local pet care as an alternative. I was delighted when I found Petstay! After a few telephone conversations a visit was arranged with Ruth and Amy. On visiting, Ruth and Amy were very welcoming and friendly and Nelson quickly made himself at home! During the meeting, all Nelson’s needs were discussed, his likes and dislikes, in order to make his stay as “home from home” as possible – even down to his little idiosyncrasies!
Nelson thoroughly enjoyed himself – Ruth and Amy kept in touch during his stay with texts and photographs and I felt that they really got to know Nelson’s little personality. A holiday card was waiting for me on our return, detailing some of the things Nelson had been up to during his stay. I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed whilst away, knowing that Nelson was in good hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Petstay Northeast – the service was excellent every step of the way.
Nelson will definitely be staying with Ruth and Amy in the future.”

December 2018


“We used PetStay for first time on 9th November, our 10 year old staffy Lola stayed with a lady in cramlington , as far as I am aware Lola must have been very comfortable with Sheila as she gave her an early morning call on Sunday instead of Sheila putting her back downstairs she let her warm her feet until it was time to get up very normal in our house ha ha I found Linda’s knowledge of finding a good place for Lola to stay very good I won’t hesitate using pet stay in future in fact January is next time .”

November 2018


“I am so happy to know that Petstay always responds within hours and goes totally out of their way to accommodate our marvellous but difficult Collie, Jess. Jess is our “special needs” dog and Linda always pays attention to these. Jess has a great time and comes home sparkling after her PetStays. We thoroughly recommend the service”

October 2018


It was the first time leaving my dog Finn and I had heard about Pet Stay via a colleague as I was worried about options for boarding him. I cannot recommend the Pet Stay Service enough.
It was easy to get in touch with Linda and explain Finn’s history and why he needed to be the only dog during his stay. Kerrie and her family, who Finn stayed with, treated him like their own and it was clear he developed a good bond with them.
The communication via email throughout the process was amazing, providing information about paperwork needed and reminders about what he would need during his stay. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone particularly those with dogs who would be better suited to staying in a home environment.

September 2018


I couldn’t recommend PetStay enough. I was really apprehensive about leaving my young Frenchie when going on holiday. However, the process from start to finish was outstanding.

Linda was so helpful throughout the booking process, she was away on holiday herself but still replied to my queries promptly and reassured me throughout. We took Dembe to meet Gail the lady who would be looking after him, and she was so warm and welcoming. Dembe took a shine to her right away and I could tell he would be more than happy staying there while we were away. Gail listened to all of my advice in relation to Dembe and spoilt him rotten! He had a lovely time with her and her husband.

When we got back to collect Dembe, Gail was genuinely emotional and so kind. My young daughter had been upset and worried about Dembe staying with another family but Gail spent time with her to let her know he was in safe hands.

I would 100% recommend the service and use the company again for our next trip! Thank you again!

September 2018


First time I’ve left my pooch with someone other than family. I knew straight from my meeting with Julie she was perfect for Vanilla. Extremely professional and has a massive love for dogs, Vanilla absolutely loved her stay with Julie and John I can’t put into words how pleased I am. I received photos and videos every day to keep me updated and I honestly couldn’t have picked a better couple for Vanilla to stay with. I would 10000% recommend Petstay. I will be booking again for the near future. Thank you so much Linda for finding Vanilla the perfect holiday home from home and a massive thank you to Julie and John for everything, I came back to one very happy dog.

North Sheilds
August 2018


“After searching for a high quality home boarding service, where our dog could be the only dog in the home, we thankfully found PetStay. From initial contact the service was excellent. Our golden retriever Skye had a couple of trial visits to get to know her carer Claire before we went on holiday, which was reassuring for us. We were kept up to date with lots of photos and video clips, which was lovely, and helped us not to worry. She had a great time and lots of fun! We would highly recommend Claire and Petstay for a home from home experience for your dog. We will certainly use again.”

August 2018


Bonnie has just come back from a great week with Julie & John they were fantastic with her..!!

I had no concerns or worries from the moment I dropped Bonnie off they’ve took fabulous care of her, she’s been well & truly spoilt.. #homefromhome

I thoroughly recommend PetStay & look forward to using their services again in the very near future.

Samantha & Bonnie
August 2018


We used Petstay for our little Lola a cockapoo puppy and was absolutely thrilled at the service, We have never left Lola before at all and was really worried about it but Claire her carer was fab! She kept in contact daily with us with pictures and videos and Lola looked like she was having a blast, It really put us at ease and we could all enjoy our holiday without the worry. I would definitely use Petstay again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home from home experience for their dog!

July 2018


“From the very first phone call to enquire about the service, to picking up Chase after his first stay, we felt very much at ease throughout the whole process. This was the first time we have used anyone outside of family to look after Chase while we were away, and Linda made everything so easy and kept in contact to ensure we were organised. Although Chase was thrilled to see us back from our holiday, I’m sure he was a little sad his holiday was coming to an end. We wouldn’t hesitate to use PetStay again to arrange Chase’s holiday stays!

Thank you again!”

July 2018


The excitement of going on holiday had initially been displaced with a fear of leaving my gorgeous Pug (Gizmo) for 2 whole weeks. Naturally, my fur baby takes priority, and I was mindful to find the very best options available to make sure he would be comfortable, safe, and well looked after.
After conducting research, it was clear that PetStay had a perfect, personal and secure caring plan which is adapted based on your needs. Initial questioning were all focused on finding the most appropriate carer based on the needs of my puppy, followed by a face to face meeting, with a care giver in their home; to see how Gizmo would respond in their surroundings.
I was so incredibly fortunate to be paired with Julie. Instantly felt relaxed, at ease, and overjoyed at how she engaged and made Gizmo feel calm. Julie was able to take the questioning to the next level, looking at routine and structures implanted, to ensure a transfer would be smooth.
Leaving Julie’s house, I knew straight away that the match was perfect.
After dropping Gizmo off, Julie was able to provide pictures, videos and status updates of how he was bedding in. Not surprising at all, Gizmo adapted straight in to his surroundings, with all of his favourite toys by his side. He made new friends, and had so much fun playing with Julie and her family. He looked happy, healthy, clean and content. Which made me feel so blissful and relaxed while I was away.
I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am. Leaving your puppy can be a stressful period, which was completely removed by the fantastic support implanted by Linda and her team of carers. Without a doubt I will be using this service (Specifically Julie) again.
Five star service!
Fantastic communications!
Seamless transfer!
Healy happy pet on my return!
What else could you ask for.
Thank you Julie, you are amazing!
Thank you Linda…. This is such a great service which I have already recommended to my friends and family.

June 2018

Bella & Louie

“I used PetStay for the first time in June and I am very happy I found them. Sheila looked after my labrador Bella and my French bulldog Louie and was fantastic, I was sent regular updates and videos whilst away and when I arrived to pick the dogs up the were so settled they didn’t want to leave, they had a great time and I wouldn’t hesitate to use Sheila again. Also the booking was made quite last minute so was grateful to Linda for finding a boarder. 

June 2018


“PetStay are a brilliant, professional company. We were really worried about leaving Hugo for the first time. But Linda found the most suitable carer in Jane. Hugo was walked 3 times a day and never left alone. More importantly Jane and her family loved Hugo as much as we do. I would definitely recommend them as they literally do “care” for your pets impeccably. We would not hesitate to put Hugo in Jane’s care again” 

North Sheilds
June 2018


Skylar loved her stay!!!

Skylar stayed with Julie & John for just under a week & she absolutely loved it! First ever time we did this….She had already had some visits & a day visit which I think helped settle her.
Whilst we were away, Julie kept in touch with us & sent us photos! Skylar really settled in with Julie & John and they made us feel very much at ease.
I just want to also say how much we appreciated the small thing Julie did for Sklyar which meant a lot to us & Skylar…she knew how much Skylar loved looking out of the window & decided to put her ironing board up between her bed & the window so that Skylar could climb up & look outside! Such a lovely thing to do 🙂
We would definitely like Julie & John to look after Skylar again when we go away and also recommend them very much!
Thank you again for making the whole experience a one where we all felt settled & for Skylar to feel safe & cared for perfectly! 

May 2018

“My two dogs stayed with carers Julie and John for 9 days whilst I went on a family holiday. It’s the first time I have ever left my dogs in 5 years with anyone other than family. Julie made sure she knew the fine details of their daily routines, she kept me up to date with pictures and texts throughout my holiday and both of my frenchies were right at home! I am over the moon to have found such a great service and have provisionally booked another 3 stays for my dogs. I really struggle to find pet sitters as one of my dogs is very frightened of other dogs but Julie and John made every possible effort to ensure he was happy and settled. Really can not rate this whole service highly enough. Thank you so much 🙂 ”

South Shields
May 2018



“Just to let you know we’re back from Majorca and have picked up Bella from Jane. I think she had a nicer holiday than us. Really pleased with everything. I think Jane and Bella became quite fond of each other, bless them.

Anyway just wanted to say thank you to you and Jane, it’s a great relief to us to know Bella is well looked after by fellow dog lovers.

Thanks again.”

May 2018



“Petstay offer a very professional service. I was initially very anxious about leaving Bertie when away on holiday but after contacting Linda I was soon reassured.

Linda explained the process fully and ensured she had all the information needed to meet Bertie’s individual needs. She was so friendly throughout and put my mind at ease, understanding how I was feeling.

Linda then matched Bertie up with Sheila one if her home boarders. We took Bertie for a visit prior to our holiday and Sheila was lovely- she asked lots of questions about Bertie and again we felt reassured.

I cannot thank Sheila enough. When we were away she sent messages and photos of Bertie and it was obvious he was having a lovely time, he was very much part of Sheila’s family and he looked so happy!

Bertie was so well cared for and so happy when we collected him – both Linda and Sheila had followed all of my requests and his normal routine was followed- I couldn’t ask for anything more and I would recommend Petstay to anyone who is considering home boarding for their dog. A big thank you from Gillian, John and little Bertie.

May 2018



“Thanks for arranging Benji’s home boarding, he was very well cared for by Kerrie and her family. From the photos I could see Benji was very happy and made himself at home. Just like home he used the furniture instead of his bed. We will definitely use Kerrie when we have another holiday. Thanks again.”

May 2018

hoshi - newcastle


Hoshi had a lovely week with Julie and John so much so that he didn’t seem to want to come home and I think they missed having him to. Julie and John spent time going through all Hoshi’s likes and dislikes so that he would be as comfortable as possible on his holiday. They allowed Hoshi to have a look round there lovely house, he especially liked their sofa and garden. I missed Hoshi whilst we were away but regular updates and photos from Julie showed me he was having a whale of a time. I can’t recommend PetStay and Julie and John enough and I am happy to book Hoshi in again for future stays.

West Allotment
March 2018


We are thrilled with the quality of care Lily our Northern Inuit received from the wonderful Claire and her daughter Alysha while we were away for a few days! Lily has separation anxiety and can never be left on her own so to find carers who can give her 24 hour care and know Claire loves her and cares for her as we do is a huge relief! Claire sent us regular texts and photographs of Lily out on her walks and sleeping contentedly in her bed. We could see from the smile on Lily’s face in the photos just how happy she was! Thank you so much to Claire and Alysha for your star quality care of Lily and helping us to enjoy our trip and to Linda at PetStay for attention to detail and superb organisation. Highly recommend – we will be using PetStay again!

South Shields
March 2018

Newcastle Branch

Excellent communication and information provided by Linda before we met our carer. She found us an excellent carer whom we met and arranged a trial night. After that went well, our dog stayed with the host for 9 days. This was during the most awful weather we have had-(snow /blizzards etc)
We cannot praise our carer, Claire, enough ! She sent us texts and pics showing how our dog had settled and looked after her so well. She followed our care plan to the letter and she and her daughter built up an excellent relationship with our dog. Already booked for another holiday ! Highly recommend this service.

March 2018



Highly recommend PetStay lovely people who take care of your pet while you are away. Milo my Akita loved the home and people he stayed with who sent regular updates as to how he was keeping very glad to have found this service.

February 2018



We just wanted you to know that we collected Upton from Claire yesterday. We are again thrilled that she has taken so much care of him whilst we were away. She kept us updated with emails and photo’s which was very reassuring for us. We are so lucky to have found you, and subsequently been directed towards Claire. We will be settled at home for a while, but when we get itchy feet again we will check if Claire is free and book through yourself, if that is okay with you?

December 2017



Thank you for introducing Inca to Julie and John…we left her for 3 weeks confident that she was in good hands… and she was

November 2017



Linda, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was that you set the meeting up with Jane at Killingworth. Holly had a trial couple of days and then stayed with Jane from 28th sept – 6th oct. I have never felt comfortable enough to leave Holly before but both Jane and her husband left me in no doubt that they were the ones. Would not hesitate to leave Holly again. Many Thanks

October 2017



One happy dog…
Seeing the carer to get a feel for where Arlo would be staying was a great idea, I was instantly put at ease that she would be happy here and the carer (Kerrie) was very dog friendly. Linda at PetStay was very knowledgable and matched the perfect carer with my dog. She is also very contactable and makes things easy – I would not hesitate to use PetStay again. Arlo came back very happy and relaxed – Thank you so much.

Geoff,North Sheilds
October 2017


Alfie & Holly

Just to let you know Holly and Alfie had a lovely time staying with Julie and John. She said they settled very quick and when we went to pick them up they seemed to have made themselves at home.

October 2017



My 2 year old male Shiba Inu dog can become unsettled when we go away on holiday. But he settled in straight away with Sheila his pet stay carer. Probably too well, finding his own spot on her sofa…From our initial contact with Linda my concerns and worries were put aside. They take the time to get to know you and your dog, their needs, likes and dislikes. I feel totally comfortable leaving Hoshi with Sheila and he is already booked in for his next visit.

Hoshi, September 2017



Reassured whilst on holiday
I was so worried about leaving Knoxie who is nearly 14, has arthritis and only one eye. Shouldn’t have worried Linda explained everything in detail and Sheila our dog sitter was wonderful taking Knoxie’s medicines and strange habits in her stride. I’d thoroughly recommend Pet Stay to any dog owner Thank you Linda and Sheila

Sara, August 2017



After having a bad experience at a kennel we decided to find some one who would look after Og in their own home as Og suffers with anxiety. I contacted Linda at pet stay who had a very lengthy conversation over the phone with me and put me in touch with a lovely lady called Yvonne. Og and I met Yvonne at her home and we booked for Og to stay. After returning home I collected Og and all I could say was wow. I knew straight away that Og had had a fantastic time with Yvonne and looked very happy.
Thank you Linda at pet stay and Thank you Yvonne. We will be recommending and a returning customer.

Rachel, August 2017



Thank you Claire so very much for taking such wonderful care of my beautiful Bonnie whilst we were away on holiday. This is the 1st time I have left Bonnie with anyone other than family & I have to be honest I was a little worried but I needn’t have been.. Claire was great from the word go with regular ‘pupdates’ & photographs so we could see Bonnie was having a fantastic time, totally relaxed & being well take care of…!! I’ll definitely be using PetStay again in the very near future. Thanks againx.

Samantha, August 2017



Roxy’s first stay.
This was Roxy’s first stay with PetStay, communication were good and quick as it was quite a short notice booking. The carer was very nice and Roxy enjoyed her time with the carer and her pug George. We will definitely use again.

Paul, August 2017



Thank you so much for looking after Suzy during our wedding. Claire was absolutely lovely and nothing was a problem. I would highly recommend pet stay and will definitely use the company again. Don’t ever consider kennels- book pet stay you will not be disappointed and the peace of mind is priceless.

August 2017


Ollie & Oscar

“First of all sorry this is late I went straight back into work form holidays and haven’t had a chance untill now! What can I say the whole experience was amazing Linda went out of her way to find the right family to look after my boys we visited two couples and the second were perfect. The dogs fitted right in with her huge garden and lovely friendly atmosphere I knew our worries of leaving them for the first time with non family members had gone! The process was easy and relaxed in the lead up to our holiday which is always very stressful especially when owning your own business time just isn’t sonething I have a lot of! I was I totally worried as oscar is a very nervous dog and is scared of other dogs on the lead so was concerned he would be scared of new surroundings and that when he was out he would panic. However he had an amazing no worries at all! Ollie (west highland terrier) and oscar(jack Russel/Westie mix) both had so much fun we had daily updates from Julie of what they had been upto that day with pictures! Which my partner was overjoyed with…they are his first pets so he worries a lot! When we got back from holiday Julie had gone beyond what she had needed to buying another harness as the one we had didn’t work which was great to hear. The dogs were so happy and clean when we got them back and I think a little down for days after that they were home they had so much fun on their holiday! Please please if you are nervous about it which I was as they are strangers after all book with Julie her and her husband have spoiled our boys and now whenever we go away we will be booking with her. All I can say is book!! You will not regret it!”

Jasmine, July 2017



Gus has had a fantastic stay with Jane while our family went away for a long weekend. Both Jane and her husband really welcomed Gus into their home. We were worried as it was the first time we had left Gus and also worried as he has an excitable nature. Jane’s experience with dogs absolutely shone through and we wouldn’t hesitate to leave him with this lovely family again. Thank you both.

Kim, June 2017
(Picture supplied by Kim)



Great service with amazing host family. They treated Betty like part of their family and she had a fabulous time which meant I could have a wonderful holiday. Wonderful kind, genuine family and I would recommend any day

Nicola, June 2017


Chico & Chester

I was looking for a place for our boys to stay whilst we were on holiday in June when I came across Petstay North Tyneside.

I gave Linda a ring and she asked me a few questions about the boys nature and general day to day routines they have and she placed us with Julie and John Dunn.

We visited Julie and John just before the holiday so they could meet Chester and Chico and ask any questions about their care. They were a lovely couple, very approachable and absolutely loved the boys when they met them, so we felt totally at ease that they would be well looked after, with lots of cuddles in a home from home environment, whilst we were on holiday.

Julie kept us informed during their stay with updates and photos which was nice and very reassuring. When we picked them up they were totally at ease and it was as if they hadn’t missed us at all!!

We have already booked Julie and John for our holiday in August and I’m sure Chester and Chico will be looking forward to seeing them both again!

I would highly recommend Petstay to anyone who needs their beloved pooches looked after as the care and attention given by both Linda and her carers is second to none!

Thank you Petstay I will definitely be using you for future holidays!

Wendy, June 2017



We have an elderly GSD X and needed a sitter for a number of dates in June due to family commitments. Linda was wonderful at finding sitters to meet all of our necessary dates when lots of other services couldn’t help us. Communication was always prompt clear and friendly and Sharon our sitter was wonderful. On our second visit Bella our dog couldn’t wait to get through the door for her holiday, something we had never seen with her before. Very happy to recommend Linda and her services. Thank you Linda (and Sharon!)

Dave, June 2017



Doggy home from home!
We were absolutely delighted with the services provided, the communication methods and the overall care and attention to detail which ensured an excellent holiday for our little Schnauzer. Jane was wonderful with her and we look forward to using your services in the future. Many thanks, Linda, for organising things so well.

Charlie, June 2017



Linda placed Gyp with Julie and John, who were absolutely perfect. Our Gyp is a mature lady and she was given the care and love she receives at home. It was so reassuring to know that gyp was being looked after extremely well. We intend to use Linda`s service again and hope Julie and John are available. Thank you very much.

Alex, May 2017

NEwcastle - NIna


Nina is a 6 year old Dalmatian who went to stay with Gail for two days and had a wonderful time. Nina got lots of love, cuddles and walks and wouldn’t hesitate using Pet Stay again. Highly recommend.

May 2017

Newcastle - Millie & Dougal

Millie & Dougal

Home from home ….. Our very much loved Millie and Dougal went to stay with Jane for just a week, whilst we went on a holiday that sadly the dogs couldn’t come on! The service from booking in was very thorough and professional and filled us with confidence a lovely person would be identified to look after them. Jane was very friendly and welcoming and on the introduction Jane …made the dogs very welcome and put me at ease straight away.
Both dogs appeared to settle really well and Jane welcomed their little unique personalities and oddities!
I hope she loved having them as much as they appeared to enjoy their home from home and would very much recommend the service again:)

Alison, April 2017


Jasper was loved and very well looked after

Brenda, May 2017



Molly is a 7 month old Cockapoo puppy, full of energy and excitement and a little bit devilment! I was nervous about leaving her whilst I went on a family holiday as I had previously used a kennel for two nights and she came home nervous and smelly.
However from the moment I entered Gail’s home I felt totally at ease. I was very conscious that I needed a host that would be able to have the time to give Molly lots of attention and play time. Molly needs lots of walks and being out in the open as much as possible.
Gail gave me great confidence that she is more than equipped to look after a puppy. Molly was immediately very comfortable in Gail’s home. Receiving lots of attention and love.
On collection it was obvious that Molly had been very well taken care of and had enjoyed her stay. Gail was amazing and I will 100% use Pets stay again with total confidence.
The service gave me total piece of mind that Molly was in great hands and I can now enjoy family holidays with no concerns. I also think that the service is great value.
I would absolutely recommend Pet Stay to anyone looking for a great experience for their pet.

Lisa, April 2017



We knew kennels would not be right for our much loved Frug, Django; he is so active and adores attention. thank goodness we found Petstay! Linda was so professional and easy to deal with, and Jane, whom she selected to care for our dog was wonderful. Her calm, gentle but firm manner and obvious love of dogs, along with excellent experience at our filled us with confidence – and relief at our initial meeting. We could enjoy our holiday with no worries about Django, and when we collected him it was clear that the standard of care had been superb. We would recommend Petstay without reservation in the knowledge that Django will enjoy his break from us, in a caring and professional home from home.

Lesley, April 2017

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